Milan Ohnisko

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Milan Ohnisko

Milan Ohnisko (16 July 1965 in Brno) is a Czech poet and editor. After quitting two secondary schools before graduating either of them he worked in many manual professions. He also had his own publishing house and a bookshop. Currently he works as a freelance editor.


Ohnisko's poetry is a mixture of naivist technique which uses word play with highly rational punchlines, and neo-decadent sense of tragedy and quixotism of an outsider fighting the mainstream. He often uses and combines naivism, irony, humor and absurdity.


  • Obejmi démona! (2001)
  • Vepřo knedlo zlo aneb Uršulinovi dnové (2003)
  • Milancolia (2005)
  • Býkárna (with Ivan Wernisch and Michal Šanda) (2006)
  • Love! (2007)
  • Azurové inferno (2009)
  • Nechráněný styk (2012)
  • Oh! Výbor z básnického díla 1985–2012 (Selected poems 1985–2012, editor Ondřej Hanus) (2012)

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