Milan Stanković

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Milan Stanković
Milan Stanković cropped.jpg
Milan Stanković in Oslo
Background information
Birth name Milan Stanković
Also known as Miki, Plavi čuperak, Blond Angel, Milance
Born (1987-09-09) September 9, 1987 (age 27)
Obrenovac, Yugoslavia
Origin Serbia
Genres Pop, folk, electropop
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2007–present
Labels City Records

Milan Stanković (Serbian Cyrillic: Милан Станковић, born in Obrenovac, September 9th, 1987) is a Serbian pop-folk singer. Milan started his career in 2007, by taking part in "Zvezde Granda" (a televised singing contest), where he finished in 4th place and became the favourite of the audience (SMS votes put him in the first place in 12 out of 14 contest shows). He made it to the finale and attracted significant media attention. In the same year, his singles appeared on the Zvezde Granda compilation CD (circulation of 100,000 copies).

In May 2009, Milan released his debut album, Solo, which included 9 tracks (Solo, Face , Nepristojna ponuda, Nepopravljivo, Još uvek, Hajde vodi me sa sobom, Ja ću da ti čuvam leđa, Opet će se rode vratiti, Ovo je priča o nama).

Eurovision 2010[edit]

Milan competed in Tri Pa Jedan Za Oslo, the Serbian national final for Eurovision Song Contest 2010. He won the competition and represented Serbia with the song Ovo je Balkan (This is the Balkans), a song written by the famous composer Goran Bregović. The lyrics of "Ovo Je Balkan" were penned by Marina Tucaković and Ljiljana Jorgovanović. The Spanish version entitled "Balkañeros" (English: Cool Balkans) was released on April 11,2010. Serbia sent Milan Stanković to the Eurovision song contest. Milan appeared 7th on the Eurovision stage in the 1st in the semi final May 10, 2011. He made it to final (on May 14, 2011) and he appeared on the 8th place. Milan finished in the 13th place with 72 points.


After Eurovision, Stanković returned to Serbia, where he was rumored to have come into conflict with Sasa Popovic (the director of his record label, Grand Production). Stanković disappeared from the music scene. More than a year later, Stanković made his come-back with the release of his song PERJE on June 1, 2011 (Stanković was the composer). In October 2011, Stanković said that he resolved his dispute with Grand Production and cancelled his contract with the label.

On October 27, 2011, Stanković announced his European tour. The first stop: JIL CLUB in Zurich, Switzerland. On February 24, 2012, Stanković released his new song MAMA which, according to Stanković, was dedicated to his mother, Milena. The composers of "MAMA" were Milan Stankovic, N. Arezina, M. Peruncic. The lyrics were written by V. Bilanovic and the arrangement was by Atelje Trag. Two years later, Stanković prepared a surprise for his fans, the "Krasivas". On his birthday, September 9, 2013, Stanković released the official music video for his new song "Od Mene Se Odvikavaj". Stanković and Marina Tucaković (one of the songwriters of Ovo Je Balkan) collaborated one more time for Od Mene Se Odvikavaj. The music and the arrangement was by Damir Handanovic. For the video, Stanković was the director and the srylist. Earlier that year, Milan and Radmila Manojlović broke up. According to rumours, Milan sang this song for his former girlfriend. As Milan said in one of his interviews, he didn't sing Od Mene Se Odvikavaj for Radmila and that Marina was the one who wrote the lyrics. He also said that "Od Mene Se Odvikavaj" is a song for those who truly loved. On April, 16th 2014, Milan competed in "Pink Music Festival 2014" with his new song, Luda Ženo (=Crazy Woman) with Matrix Band joining him on stage. He appeared in the 19th place and he left the contest with 2 prizes (most YouTube votes and most SMS votes by the audience). Again, Marina Tucaković wrote the lyrics. The music and the arrangement was by Damir Handanovic.

When Milan decided to make his comeback, in 2011, he started a collaboration with the Serbian journalist and celebrity publicist, Milan Popovic. They released 2 singles together and they won on a Radio Festival and on Pink Music Festival.



  • Solo (2009)
  1. Solo
  2. Face
  3. Nepristojna ponuda
  4. Nepopravljivo
  5. Još uvek
  6. Hajde vodi me sa sobom
  7. Ja ću da ti čuvam leđa
  8. Opet će se rode vratiti
  9. Ovo je priča o nama


Music: Milan Stanković, Lyrics: Bane Opačić, Arrangement: Atelje Trag

Music: Milan Stanković, N. Arežina, M. Perunčić, Lyrics: V. Bilanović, Arrangement: Atelje Trag

  • Od mene se odvikavaj (2013)
  • Luda ženo (2014)
  • Mašina (2015)
  • Nisi mu ti žena (2015)
  • Gadure (2015)
  • Faktor rizika (2015)
  • Nešto protiv ljubavi (2015)
  • Kao nikad, kao nekad (2015)


Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Marko Kon and Milaan
with Cipela
Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
with Čaroban