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The scudo was the currency of the Duchy of Milan until 1796. It was subdivided into 6 lire, each of 20 soldi or 240 denari. It was equal to the Conventionsthaler. It was replaced by the lira of the Cispadane Republic, with Cispadanian lira equal to the Milanese. This in turn was replaced in 1797 by the lira of the Cisalpine Republic, followed by the French franc in 1802. In 1816, the Lombardy-Venetia scudo was introduced, also equal to the Conventionsthaler.


In the late 18th century, silver coins circulated in denominations of 5 soldi, ½, 1 and 1½ lire, ½ and 1 scudo. Gold coins were also struck in denominations of 1 zecchino, ½ and 1 sovrano, and 1 doppia. The Cispadane Republic issued gold 20 lire coins, whilst the Cisalpine Republic issued silver 30 soldi and 1 scudo coins.


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