Milankovič (Martian crater)

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Milankovic Crater.jpg
Milankovič crater central area, as seen by HiRISE. The image shows dark dunes, dust devil tracks and boulders (small bright dots).
Planet Mars
Coordinates 54°42′N 146°42′W / 54.7°N 146.7°W / 54.7; -146.7Coordinates: 54°42′N 146°42′W / 54.7°N 146.7°W / 54.7; -146.7
Eponym Milutin Milanković, a Serbian geophysicist and astrophysicist who lived from 1879 to 1958

Milankovič is a crater in the Diacria quadrangle of Mars, having a diameter of 118.4 km. It is located at 54.7° north latitude and 146.7° west longitude. The crater is easy to see on Mars photographs because it lies north of Olympus Mons and sits by itself in the flat plain of Vastitas Borealis.

It is named after Milutin Milanković (1879–1958), a Serbian geophysicist and astrophysicist.[1]


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