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Alexa rankDecrease 761 (Global, October 2015) is the #1 website for online classified advertisements in Spain[1]

The service of Milanuncios consists in the insertion of ads, created by the users of the website, in the portal This way Milanuncios helps to connect advertisers with those interested in the ad.

So far, the company has only focused on the Spanish market.

In 2014, Milanuncios SL was acquired by Schibsted.[2]


Milanuncios is divided into 16 different sections:

  • Motor
  • Jobs
  • Real Estate
  • Pets
  • Services
  • Businesses
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • House and Garden
  • Sports
  • Image and Sound
  • Fashion
  • Hobbies
  • Books and Education
  • Contacts.

The posting of ads on the website is completely free of charge both for individuals and for professionals/companies. There is no limit as to how many ads can be posted as long as the Terms and conditions are being respected.[3]

Milanuncios' most important section is Motor followed by Goods. With 372k vehicle ads in August 2012, Milanuncios has the most complete offering in the Spanish market, well ahead of its competitors with 246k ads, and also the specialized motors vertical (120k ads).[4]

Milanuncios helps to connect advertisers with those interested in the ad but does not mediate between the parties. Therefore, users need to be cautious in their interactions and transactions. As a general norm, the webpage recommends not to pay before receiving the product or service and users should meet in person to close the transaction. The website offers a series of simple filters to facilitate local searches.


The main competitors of Milanuncios are (former, ,,,, and has a market share of around 50% followed by with a share close to 30% in June 2012. Segundamano was bought by Schibsted in 2006,[5] a Norwegian media group.

In Spain, the brand Milanuncios (also known as mil anuncios or 1000 anuncios) became very strong among internet users and has overtaken not only segundamano, but also eBay.[6]


Since its creation in September 2005, Milanuncios' growth was fundamentally organic focusing on a good user experience. In that regard it is a unique example in the online classifieds market of how a small startup without funds become the number one market place in its local market.

By 2012, had become the most popular Spanish website for online classifieds:

  • 11 million visitors per month compared to 8.2 M of[7]
  • 23 million visits per month, 64% more than[7]
  • The users of were spending a total of 364 million minutes on the site in the month of June 2012 — almost doubling the time spent on the site by users of[7]

The portal belongs 100% to Milanuncios SL, a Spanish company that was financed without any external capital injection.

In early 2014, SCM Spain (Schibsted Classified Media Spain) announced the agreement to acquired Milanuncios.[8] The acquisition was completed in the end of 2014.[2]


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