Milbertshofen-Am Hart

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District map
Finish of the Munich Marathon in the Olympic Stadium

Milbertshofen, Am Riesenfeld and Am Hart are three boroughs situated in the north of Munich in Germany. Jointly, they form the city district 11 Milbertshofen-Am Hart (Central Bavarian: Muibatshofa–Am Hoart). As of August 2016, the three boroughs had 75.776 inhabitants.


Milbertshofen-Am Hart is sourrounded by Schwabing-Freimann (east), Schwabing-West (south), Neuhausen-Nymphenburg (southwest), Moosach and Feldmoching-Hasenbergl (west). North of it comes the municipality Oberschleißheim.


In Milbertshofen-Am Hart is the Olympiapark and the three BMW Museums (BMW Welt, BMW Group Classic and BMW Museum). Green Areas include: Hartelholz and Panzerwiese. In Summer the Tollwood Festival takes place in Milbertshofen-Am Hart. The Olympiapark ist location of the Spartan Race Sprint as well as Start- and Finishlocation of the Munich Marathon.

Coordinates: 48°11′54″N 11°34′35″E / 48.19833°N 11.57639°E / 48.19833; 11.57639