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Milcote Manor Farm

Milcote is a village and former civil parish in Warwickshire. It falls within the ecclesiastical parish of All Saints Church, Weston-on-Avon. It was made up of Upper Milcote or Milcote-on-Stour, site of Mount Grevill manor (begun by Ludovic Greville), and Lower Milcote or Milcote-on-Avon.

Milcote was one of the estates which Ceolred of Mercia is said to have granted to Evesham Abbey in 710. It was then appropriated by the bishop of Worcester, recovered by abbot Aethelwig, seized again by bishop Odo of Bayeux and never returned to the Abbey. Much later it passed to the Greville family.

The village was served by Milcote railway station from 1859 to 1966. It was originally part of the ecclesiastical and civil parish of Weston-upon Avon with Milcote, but became a civil parish in its own right in 1894. That civil parish was formed by a 2-mile-long 609-acre strip of land (with an average depth of 0.5 miles) running along the river Avon's south bank from its junction with the river Stour. Its population in 1894 was 50.

It and the civil parish of Clifford Chambers merged in 2004 to form the civil parish of Clifford Chambers and Milcote.


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Coordinates: 52°10′18″N 1°44′02″W / 52.1717°N 1.7339°W / 52.1717; -1.7339