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Mildred B. Davis is an American novelist whose books generally fall into the suspense/mystery genre. Katherine (Davis) Roome, her daughter, and a published author herself, helped Mildred break a 30-year publishing silence by working with her to turn some previously unpublished manuscripts into the Murder in Maine series. The third book of this series, however, was written by Mildred quite recently.


  • 1948 - The Room Upstairs (Edgar Award for Best First Novel, presented by the Mystery Writers of America)
  • 1953 - They Buried a Man
  • 1954 - Suicide Hour (a Novella)
  • 1955 - The Dark Place
  • 1964 - The Voice on the Telephone
  • 1966 - The Sound of Insects
  • 1967 - Strange Corner
  • 1967 - Walk Into Yesterday (aka Nightmare of Murder)
  • 1969 - The Third Half
  • 1971 - Three Minutes to Midnight
  • 1974 - The Invisible Boarder
  • 1975 - Tell Them What's-Her-Name Called
  • 1977 - Scorpion
  • 1977 - Lucifer Land (with Katherine Davis) (Katherine is the primary author. This is an historical drama based on an actual diary.)
  • 2006 - Murder in Maine: The Avenging of Nevah Wright (with Katherine Roome)
  • 2007 - Murder in Maine: The Fly Man Murders (with Katherine Roome)
  • 2008 - Murder in Maine: The Butterfly Effect (with Katherine Roome) (sequel to Murder in Maine: The Avenging of Nevah Wright)

External links[edit]

  • The Mildred Davis Mystery Bookroom This site was created by Richard Aylesworth, with Mildred's blessing, though without her input. The site offers a free download of the novella Suicide Hour (1954), not now available anywhere else.
  • Murder in Maine You may purchase the Murder in Maine books here, and they will help you find used copies of the older books.