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Mildred Mann (1904–1971) was active in the New Thought Movement and taught metaphysics in New York City. She founded the Society of Religious Pragmatism, which was later reorganized as the Society of Pragmatic Mysticism in Vermont. Her book Become What You Believe remains influential among non-denominational New Thought practitioners and adherents, especially the section in which she defines the "Seven Steps in Demonstration":

  • Desire. Get a strong enthusiasm for that which you want in your life, a real longing for something which is not there now.
  • Decision. Know definitely what it is that you want, what it is that you want to do or have, and be willing to pay in spiritual values.
  • Ask. [When sure and enthusiastic] ask for it in simple, concise language. . . .
  • Believe. Believe in the accomplishment with strong faith, consciously and subconsciously.
  • Work. Work at it. . . a few minutes daily, seeing yourself in the finished picture. Never outline details, but rather see yourself enjoying the particular thing . . .
  • Feel gratitude. Always remember to say, "Thank you, God," and begin to feel the gratitude in your heart. The most powerful prayer we can ever make is those three words, provided we really feel it.
  • Feel expectancy. Train yourself to live in a state of happy expectancy. . . . Act it until it becomes part of you, as it must and will.


Become What You Believe

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