Mile End New Town

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A map showing the civil parish boundaries in 1870.
A map showing the Mile End New Town ward of Stepney Metropolitan Borough as it appeared in 1916.

Mile End New Town is a former hamlet within the East End of London. Its area is now part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Following a period of rapid growth it became a hamlet within the large ancient parish of Stepney from 1690,[1] and was split off as a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1841 and civil parish in 1866.[2]

It bordered with Bethnal Green to the north, Whitechapel to the east and south, and Spitalfields to the west. Old Montague Street formed much of the southern boundary; the northern and eastern boundary approximating the East London Railway cutting; and the western boundary falling short of Spital Street. Mile End Old Town was located some distance to the east, separated from Mile End New Town by the parish of Whitechapel.

It was grouped into the Whitechapel District in 1855 and became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney in 1900. The parish was abolished in 1921.[2]

The parish occupied an area of 42 acres (170,000 m2) and the population was as follows:[3]

Year 1881 1891 1901 1911
Population 10,673 11,303 13,259 11,341


Coordinates: 51°31′12″N 0°04′03″W / 51.5200°N 0.0674°W / 51.5200; -0.0674