Milena Plavšić

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Milena Plavšić
Милена Плавшић.JPG
Background information
Birth name Milena Plavšić
Born Banja Luka, SFRY
Genres Folk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Years active 1971-present

Milena Plavšić (Serbian Cyrillic: Милена Плавшић) is a Serbian folk singer. Among her hits are "Ti ne znaš a ja te volim", "Pisma ću tvoja čuvati", "Ko će da me sakrije od kiše", "Jaka žena" and her interpretation of "Banja Luka".


Early life[edit]

Plavšić was born into a poor, patriarchal, working family, in the vicinity of Banja Luka, Yugoslavia (modern Bosnia and Herzegovina).[1] She spent her childhood in a mountain village three kilometers from Banja Luka, where she attended school.[1] Although her parents opposed her becoming a singer, she pursued her dream.[1]


She began her professional career in 1981 when she released the song "Ti ne znaš a ja te volim" ("You do not know, but I love you"), written by famous boxer Marijan Beneš.[2] The same year she released a slightly revised version of the popular song "Banja Luka", which became popular.[1] In 1987 she won the annual showbiz award of the Socialist Republic of Serbia.[1] Just before the start of the war in Yugoslavia, in 1991, she performed in Dvorana sportova, Zagreb, Croatia.[1] In 1993/4, she held a large concert for the Serbian diaspora in Germany.[3]

At present, her CDs are produced by RTV BN.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Plavšić lost her parents and brother early in life, and was never able to conceive (have children). She dedicated the song "Poželi nam majko sreću" ("Mother, wish us luck") and for her brother, and for all her troubles in life she dedicatied the song "Jaka žena" ("Strong woman").[2]