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Miles in Seattle 2012.JPG
Miles performing in Seattle (Oct 2012)
Background information
Origin Dhaka, Bangladesh
Genres Pop Rock
Years active 1979 – present
Members Shafin Ahmed
Hamin Ahmed
Manam Ahmed
Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo
Iqbal Asif Jewel

Miles is a rock band from Bangladesh.[1][2] Formed in 1979, the group currently consists of Hamin Ahmed (vocal and guitar), Shafin Ahmed (vocal and bass), Manam Ahmed (keyboards, keytar and vocal), Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo (drums and percussion) and Iqbal Asif Jewel (guitar and vocal).


The first group included Farid Rashid (vocal and bass), Kamal Mainuddin (drums), Larry Burnaby (lead guitar), Ishtiaq (lead guitar), Musa (guitar), Robin (key board and vocal) and Happy Akhand (keyboards and vocal). Later on, others joined the band - Shehedul Huda (drums), Khayem (bass), Milton (drums), Mahbub Rashid (drums) and Schumann Zaman (bass).

In 1982, their first album was released in English, self-titled Miles including three original songs and xeven cover songs. Their first Bengali album Protisruti was released in 1991. It included 12 original Bengali songs. Second Bengali album Prottasha was released in 1993. In 1994, first CD of the band was released as Best of Miles. This was the first ever CD of a Bangladeshi band.

The fourth Bengali album Probaho was produced in 1999.


From 1979 to 1982, Miles played at the Hotel Intercontinental in Dhaka five nights a week at the Chambeeli Super Club. They went on to perform in Bangladesh Television. In 1982, Miles made their first appearance in public concert at Shilpakala Academy Auditorium in Dhaka.

In 1991, they performed their first concert outside Bangladesh. It was in Bangalore, India. In 1996 and 1998 they went back to India to perform in Kolkata. In 1996 they went for a major tour in USA and Canada over two months. They performed in New York City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Miami and Montreal.

In 1999, they performed in a large concert at Chittagong stadium with over 30,000 audience. Miles toured Australia and Italy in 2008. They also went to the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

In 2010, Miles performed mainly in stadium concerts across the country, in cities like Rangpur, Comilla, Mymensingh, Khulna, Rajshahi, Chittagong and Dhaka.

In 2012, Miles has started their 30-year anniversary tour performing in several US cities as Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, Seattle etc.

Miles concert tickets are currently the highest priced (up to $250 USD) than any other Sub-Continent music bands touring United States.[3]


In 1993, Miles signed with Pepsi Cola for a sponsorship agreement, which included exclusive concerts organized by Pepsi. Channel V and MTV Asia covered Miles' concert and tour news. BBC aired a number of Miles' interviews in their different programs along with some of their notable Bengali songs. Another interview was published in Janomot, the oldest Bengali newspaper of London.

In 2011, Grameenphone, the largest mobile operator in the country, launched a campaign of Miles' album Proticchobi.

Musical style[edit]

Miles describe their work as a pop rock act. "We have been inspired by blues, Latin, jazz, rock and techno music," says Manam. "So our music is a combination of varied sounds and styles."

Band Members[edit]

Current band members include from left Shafin Ahmed, Hamin Ahmed, Iqbal Asif Jewel, Sued Ziaur Rahman Turjo and Manam Ahmed

Current Lineup[edit]

  • Shafin Ahmed – Vocal & Bass (1984–2009, 2010–present)
  • Hamin Ahmed – Vocal & Guitar (1984–present)
  • Iqbal Asif Jewel – Guitar & Vocal (1998–present)
  • Manam Ahmed – Keyboard, Keytar & Vocal(1984–present)
  • Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo – Drums & Percussion(1996–present)

Former Members[edit]

  • Babu vai (Lead Guitar)
  • Schumann Zaman (Bass)
  • Farid Rashid (Vocal & Bass)
  • Kamal Mainuddin (Drums & Vocal)
  • Larry Burnaby (Lead Guitar)
  • Shekh Ishtiaq (Lead Guitar)
  • Musa (Guitar)
  • Robin (Key board & Vocal)
  • Happy Akhand (Keyboards & Vocal)
  • Shehedul Huda (Drums)
  • Khayem (Bass)
  • Milton (Drums)
  • Mahbub Rashid (Drums)



Notable songs[edit]

  • Chad Tara Shurjo Nou Tumi [Protisruti]
  • Prothom Premeer Moto [Protisruti]
  • She kon Dorodia [Protisruti]
  • Firiye Dao [Prottasha]
  • Dhiki Dhiki [Prottasha]
  • Neela [Prottasha]
  • Jadu [Prottasha]
  • Hridoyheena [Prottasha]
  • Kotokal Khujbo Tomay [Prottasha]
  • Pahari Meye [Prottasha]
  • Shopno Bhongo [Prottasha]
  • Jala Jala [Prottoy]
  • Shesh Thikana [Prottoy]
  • Bhulbona Tomakey [Prottoy]
  • Piyashi Mon [Probaho]
  • Polasheer Prantor [Probaho]
  • Jatiyo Sangeeter Ditiyo Line [Protiddhoni]
  • It's Magic [A Step Further]
  • Aj Janmodin Tomar (This song is from a mixed album named 'Daag Theke Jaay')
  • Shopno Vongo


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