Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection

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The Complete Columbia Album Collection
Box set by Miles Davis
Released November 24, 2009
Recorded 1949–1985
Genre Jazz
Label Sony Legacy
Producer Daniel Baumgarten, Richard Seidet

Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection is a box set by jazz musician Miles Davis, released in 2009. It contains all the official releases on the Columbia Records label. The box set consists of 70 CDs and 1 DVD.

Album groups[edit]

  • 2nd depth is a live recording.
  • Compilations may not belong to one specific period.
  • No## shows the album order in the box set.
  • rec. stands for recordered year, rel. for released year.


  1. No01. In Paris Festival International de Jazz May, 1949 (rec. 1949, rel. 1977)[SRCS 9724]

55-60 with Coltrane[edit]

with Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, Paul Chambers, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Hank Mobley, Philly Joe Jones, Jimmy Cobb...

  1. No02. 'Round About Midnight (rec. 1955-1956, rel. 1957)[CK-85201]
  2. No05. Milestones (rec. 1958, rel. 1958)[CK-85203]
  3. No06. 1958 Miles (rec. 1958, rel. 1974)[C6K-65833]
    1. No07. At Newport 1958 (rec. 1958, rel. 1964)[CK-85202]
    2. No09. Jazz at the Plaza (rec. 1958, rel.1973)[CK-85245]
  4. No10. Kind of Blue (rec. 1959, rel. 1959)[CK-64935]
  5. No13. Someday My Prince Will Come (rec.1961, rel. 1961)[CK-65919]

with Gil Evans[edit]

  1. No04. Miles Ahead (rec. 1957, rel. 1957)[CK-65121]
  2. No08. Porgy and Bess (rec. 1958, rel. 1958)[CK-65141]
  3. No11. Sketches Of Spain (rec. 1959-1960, rel. 1960)[CK-65142]
  4. No17. Quiet Nights (rec. 1962-1963, rel. 1963)[CK-65293] + "Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)" and "Devil May Care" [CXK-67397]

61 Sessions[edit]

with Hank Mobley, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb

    1. No14. In Person Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Complete (rec. 1961, rel.1961, 2CD)[C2K-87097]
    2. No15. In Person Saturday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Complete (rec. 1961, rel.1961, 2CD)[C2K-87100]
    3. No16. At Carnegie Hall (The Complete Concert) (rec. 1961, rel. 1962, 2CD)[C2K-65027]

63-64 Sessions[edit]

with George Coleman (Wayne Shorter), Herbie Hancock (Victor Feldman), Ron Carter, Tony Williams (Frank Butler)

  1. No18. Seven Steps to Heaven (rec 1963., rel.1963)[CK-93592]
    1. No19. In Europe (rec. 1963, rel. 1964)[CK-93583]
    2. No20. My Funny Valentine (rec. 1964, rel.1965)[CK 93593]
    3. No21. "Four" & More (rec. 1964, rel.1966)[CK-93595]
    4. No22. Miles In Tokyo (rec. 1964, rel. 1969)[CK-93596]
    5. No23. Miles In Berlin (rec. 1964, rel.1965)[CK-93594]

65-68 The Miles Davis Quintet[edit]

with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams

  1. No24. E.S.P. (rec. 1965, rel. 1965)[CK-65683]
    1. No25. Live At The Plugged Nickel (rec.1965, 2CD)[CXK-66955]
  2. No26. Miles Smiles (rec.1966, rel. 1967)[CK-65682]
  3. No27. Sorcerer (rec.1967, rel. 1967)[CK-65680]
  4. No28. Nefertiti (rec. 1967, rel. 1968)[CK-65681]
    1. DVD Miles Davis In Germany & Sweden (10/31/67)
  5. No30. Miles in the Sky (rec.1968, rel. 1968)[CK-65684]
  6. No29. Water Babies (rec. 1967-1968, rel.1976)[CK-86557]

68-70 Music Directed by Miles Davis[edit]

with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Ron Carter, Tony Williams, John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul, Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette...

  1. No31. Filles de Kilimanjaro (rec. 1968, rel.1969)[CK-86555]
  2. No32. In a Silent Way (rec. 1969 rel. 1969)[CK-86556]
  3. No33. Bitches Brew (rec. 1969, rel. 1970, 2CD)[C2K-65774]
  4. No35. A Tribute to Jack Johnson (rec. 1970, rel. 1971)[CK-93599]
    1. No36. Live at the Fillmore East, March 7, 1970: It's About that Time (rec. 1970, rel. 2001, 2CD)[C2K-85191]
    2. No37. Black Beauty: Miles Davis at the Fillmore West (rec. 1970, rel. 1973, 2CD)[C2K-65138]
    3. No38. Miles Davis at Fillmore: Live at the Fillmore East (rec. 1970, rel. 1970, 2CD)[C2K-65139]
    4. No39. Isle of Wight (rec. 1970, rel. 2009)
    5. No40. Live-Evil (rec. 1970, rel.1971, 2CD)[C2K-65135]
  5. No03. Circle in the Round (rec. 1955–1970, rel. 1979, 2CD)[C2K-46862] Compilation
  6. No12. Directions (rec. 1960–1970, rel.1981, 2CD)[SRCS 9761/2] Compilation
  7. No34. Big Fun (rec.1969–1972, rel. 1974, 2CD)[C2K-63973]

72-75 On the Corner[edit]

  1. No41. On The Corner (rec. 1972, rel.1972)[CK-63980]
    1. No42. In Concert: Live at Philharmonic Hall (rec. 1972, rel. 1973, 2CD)[C2K-65140]
  2. No44. Get Up With It (rec. 1970-1974, rel.1974, 2CD)[C2K-63970]
    1. No43. Dark Magus (rec. 1974, rel.1977, 2CD)[C2K-65137]
    2. No45. Agharta (rec. 1975, rel. 1975, 2CD)[C2K-46799]
    3. No46. Pangaea (rec. 1975, rel. 1976, 2CD)[C2K-46115]

81-83 with Bill Evans & Marcus Miller[edit]

  1. No47. The Man With The Horn (rec. 1980-1981, rel.1981)[CK-36790]
    1. No48. We Want Miles (rec. 1981, rel. 1982, 2CD)[SICP 1235/6 ] + 3 bonus tracks from Miles!, Miles!, Miles!
  2. No49. Star People (rec. 1982-1983, rel. 1983)[CK-38657]

83-85 Final albums on Columbia[edit]

  1. No50. Decoy (rec. 1983, rel. 1984)[CK-38991]
  2. No51. You're Under Arrest (rec. 1984-1985, rel. 1985)[CK-40023]
  3. No52. Aura (rec. 1985, rel. 1989)[CK-45332]


  • Box Set Producer - Daniel Baumgarten and Richard Seidet
  • Boxset Supervision/A&R - Steve Berkowitz
  • Mastering Engineer - Mark Wilder and Maria at Battery Studio, NYC
  • Mastering coordination - Donna Kloepfer
  • Project Direction - Adam Farber and Zak Profera
  • Archival Research - Michael Panico and Tom Tierney
  • Tape Research - Matt Kelly
  • Art Direction and Design - Bruno Lefèvre, Christophe Javault and Juliette Carrico / Objectif Lune [Paris]
  • English translation - Michelle Sommers and Diane Cousineau
  • Editorial Supervision [English translation] - Jeremy Holiday and Sheri Miller

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