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The Miles Franklin Literary Award is an annual literary prize awarded to "a novel which is of the highest literary merit and presents Australian life in any of its phases".[1] The award was set up according to the will of Miles Franklin (1879–1954), who is best known for writing the Australian classic My Brilliant Career (published in 1901) and for bequeathing her estate to fund this award.[2] As of 2013, the award is valued A$60,000.[3]


Year Author Title Publisher
2015[4] Sofie Laguna The Eye of the Sheep Allen & Unwin
2014[5] Evie Wyld All The Birds, Singing Random House
2013 Michelle de Kretser Questions of Travel Allen & Unwin
2012 Anna Funder All That I Am Hamish Hamilton
2011 Kim Scott That Deadman Dance Picador
2010 Peter Temple Truth Text Publishing
2009 Tim Winton Breath Hamish Hamilton
2008 Steven Carroll The Time We Have Taken HarperCollins Publishers
2007 Alexis Wright Carpentaria Giramondo
2006 Roger McDonald The Ballad of Desmond Kale Vintage
2005 Andrew McGahan The White Earth Allen & Unwin
2004 Shirley Hazzard The Great Fire Farrar Straus and Giroux
2003 Alex Miller Journey to the Stone Country Allen & Unwin
2002 Tim Winton Dirt Music Picador
2001 Frank Moorhouse Dark Palace Knopf
2000 Thea Astley
Kim Scott
Penguin Books
Fremantle Press
1999 Murray Bail Eucalyptus Random House
1998 Peter Carey Jack Maggs University of Queensland Press
1997 David Foster The Glade within the Grove Vintage
1996 Christopher Koch Highways to a War Heinemann
1995 Helen Demidenko The Hand That Signed the Paper Allen & Unwin
1994 Rodney Hall The Grisly Wife Macmillan
1993 Alex Miller The Ancestor Game Penguin Books
1992 Tim Winton Cloudstreet Penguin Books
1991 David Malouf The Great World Chatto & Windus
1990 Tom Flood Oceana Fine Allen & Unwin
1989 Peter Carey Oscar and Lucinda University of Queensland Press
1988 No award Date changed from year of publication to year of announcement.
1987 Glenda Adams Dancing on Coral Viking Press
1986 Elizabeth Jolley The Well Viking Press
1985 Christopher Koch The Doubleman Chatto & Windus
1984 Tim Winton Shallows Allen & Unwin
1983 No award
1982 Rodney Hall Just Relations Penguin Books
1981 Peter Carey Bliss Faber and Faber
1980 Jessica Anderson The Impersonators Macmillan
1979 David Ireland A Woman of the Future Penguin Books
1978 Jessica Anderson Tirra Lirra By the River Macmillan
1977 Ruth Park Swords and Crowns and Rings Nelson Books
1976 David Ireland The Glass Canoe Macmillan
1975 Xavier Herbert Poor Fellow My Country Fontana Books
1974 Ronald McKie The Mango Tree Collins
1973 No award
1972 Thea Astley The Acolyte Angus and Robertson
1971 David Ireland The Unknown Industrial Prisoner Angus and Robertson
1970 Dal Stivens A Horse of Air Angus and Robertson
1969 George Johnston Clean Straw for Nothing Collins
1968 Thomas Keneally Three Cheers for the Paraclete Angus and Robertson
1967 Thomas Keneally Bring Larks and Heroes Cassell
1966 Peter Mathers Trap Cassell
1965 Thea Astley The Slow Natives Angus and Robertson
1964 George Johnston My Brother Jack Collins
1963 Sumner Locke Elliott Careful, He Might Hear You Harper and Row
1962 Thea Astley
George Turner
The Well Dressed Explorer
The Cupboard Under the Stairs
Angus & Robertson
1961 Patrick White Riders in the Chariot Eyre & Spottiswoode
1960 Elizabeth O'Conner The Irishman Angus and Robertson
1959 Vance Palmer The Big Fellow Angus and Robertson
1958 Randolph Stow To the Islands Macdonald
1957[6] Patrick White Voss Eyre & Spottiswoode

Shortlisted Works[edit]

Shortlisted titles are only shown for the years 1987 onwards. No record has yet been found for any shortlists being released prior to that year. Winners are listed in bold type.
















Note: Matthew Kneale's novel is the first by a non-Australian to be shortlisted for the award. Hannie Rayson's, Life after George, is the first play to be shortlisted.


Note: Dorothy Porter's What a Piece of Work is the first verse novel to be shortlisted.












1988 Note: Date changed from year of publication to year of announcement, so no award was made in this year.


Longlisted works[edit]

Longlisted titles are only shown for the years 2005 onwards. That was the first year that such a list was released by the judging panel. The number of works included on the longlist varies from year to year.












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