Miles Laurence

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Miles Laurence
David Chisum as Miles Laurence.png
One Life to Live character
Portrayed by David Chisum
Duration 2007–08
First appearance February 12, 2007 (February 12, 2007)
Last appearance April 22, 2008 (April 22, 2008)
Created by Dena Higley
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Classification Former, regular

Miles Laurence is a fictional character from ABC's daytime drama One Life to Live. He was portrayed by David Chisum from February 12, 2007,[1][2] to April 22, 2008.


The deceased Dr. Spencer Truman leaves his estate to the mysterious Miles Laurence in 2007. Miles is a former patient of Spencer's whose face had been horribly disfigured. As an infant, Miles had been given up to a local hospital by his "fire and brimstone" preacher father upon seeing the extent of his deformities. Years later, Spencer restored Miles' face and gained Miles' friendship and loyalty. The soft-spoken Miles defends Spencer, the only friend he has ever had, to the many residents of Llanview who rightfully hate the villainous doctor. Miles' loyalty to Spencer makes him an enemy of Spencer's nemesis Todd Manning.

Miles soon reveals to Jessica Buchanan that he is the brother of deceased Llanview villain Mitch Laurence — Jessica's biological father — and Walker Laurence. To help integrate himself into society, Miles sees psychiatrist Marty Saybrooke; he soon falls for her. Marty relinquishes him as a patient so that they can be friends, but makes it clear to Miles that she has no romantic interest in him.

Intensely sheltered with a skewed view of the world and morality, Miles is determined to "make" Marty love him. Miles has three men attack Marty so that he can come to her rescue, and he later blackmails her into marrying him with her taped "confession" to Spencer's murder. After Todd is stabbed and kidnapped, it is revealed that Miles had paid a young man named Hunter Atwood to do the deed, both to protect his benefactor Spencer's secret (that Todd's son with Margaret Cochran was adopted by Michael and Marcie McBain) and to make Todd pay for his vicious rape of Marty years before. When Hunter leaves an unconscious Todd on his doorstep, Miles hides Todd in a storage room and then dumps him outside, but not before Marty's son Cole Thornhart discovers him. Miles compels Cole to keep his secret to protect Marty from arrest for Spencer's murder. But Cole and Marty soon admit all they know to the police; Miles is arrested, and Todd is found alive.

Miles gains an unlikely friend in Natalie Buchanan, who sympathizes with his outcast status and his naiveté, angering her family. Natalie stays by Miles' side as he faces charges for his blackmail and coercion of Marty. To atone, Miles publicly addresses the court and admits his wrongdoing, apologizing to Marty. Todd, however, is outraged that Miles is not charged for his assault and abduction. When Miles learns that Tommy McBain is Todd's missing son, he eventually tells Todd, inciting a fierce custody battle between Todd and the McBains.

Miles becomes good friends with Roxy Balsom as the two perform community service together. When Marty and Cole go missing in November 2007, Miles is initially a suspect but is quickly cleared. Miles is devastated to hear that Marty has been killed in an explosion in Ireland; on the docks, Miles stumbles upon a distraught Cole holding a gun to FBI agent Lee Ramsey, who Cole blames for his mother's death. Cole accidentally shoots Miles, who falls into the water. Cole and Ramsey panic and flee the scene as Detective John McBain, also present at the scene, dives into the water and pulls Miles out.

Miles is rushed to the hospital. Natalie is notified and arrives to see Miles off as he is rushed into surgery. While in recovery, Roxy declares her love to a sedated Miles. After the surgery, Miles was soon dropped off the canvas and has not been seen or heard from since. Later, when it is revealed that Mitch Laurence is alive, Roxy says to John McBain that she cannot wait to tell Miles, to which John advises her to hold off on communicating with Miles.


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