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Miles Spencer on MoneyHunt, circa 2000

Miles Spencer (born April 30, 1963) is an American angel investor, media entrepreneur and explorer. He is best known for his role as co-host[1] and co-creator of MoneyHunt,[2] a reality-based show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas[3] to a panel of experts.[4] MoneyHunt was distributed to PBS stations[5] in the US beginning 1997[6] and overseas beginning 1999. Spencer and co-host Cliff Ennico[7] are known for their direct, fast-paced questioning[8] and constructive criticism of entrepreneurs.[9] The two developed the program after a classroom experience at a local continuing education class.[10] The show is considered the original program of the genre,[11] and has been copied in several markets worldwide, most notably Dragons' Den and Shark Tank. Spencer, who was born in Norristown, PA, readily admits in his book MoneyHunt [1] to having been inspired by Enterprise, a French show hosted by Bernard Tapie, while he attended school there in the early eighties as an exchange student from Choate Rosemary Hall.

Angel Investor[edit]

Spencer’s investing career has centered on consumer products, media, online and mobile activities.[12] Since 2003 until 2017, these investments have been made together with a small group of angels and through Vaux les Ventures,[13] his personal investment vehicle. Previously, investments were made through Capital Express, a private equity firm based in New York[14] where Spencer was one of four members. Capital Express’[15] most notable investment was Vaux's most notable investments to date are Operative (sold to Sintec) [2], Mojiva (Sold to Pubmatic) and Aptaris. Vaux’s investment criteria [3] are published on its website.

Charitable Adventures[edit]

Spencer is also well known as the co-founder[16] of Kayak for a Cause, an annual charity event[17] that raises funds for local and national charities.[18] On a dare in 2000, Spencer and Scott Carlin kayaked from Norwalk, CT, across Long Island Sound to the Huntington area.[19] Up until 2010, up to 300 kayakers followed Spencer and Carlin in the “Adventure with Purpose” and over 5,000 people per year donated funds.[20] Donations were given away to local[21] and national charities. The kayak fleet was scuttled and sold off in 2012 and the Charity searched for its next adventure.

Spencer and Wellington Jones (Tad Jones) trekked 1,100 miles (1,800 km) through the deserts of the Middle East to raise funds for peace was dubbed “Lawrence on Arabia”. The trek lasted 26 days and retraced T. E. Lawrence's steps as told in “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”. The trek served as creative inspiration for a West End Play in development, titled A line in Sand by playwright Elizabeth Egloff with Producer partner Nelle Nugent.

Kayak for a Cause eventually rebranded as Innovadores Foundation, which beginning in 2015 helps develop young entrepreneurs by offering internships at Grand Central Tech in New York City.

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