Miles to Go

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Miles to Go
Miles to go.jpg
Cover of Miles to Go
Author Miley Cyrus with Hilary Liftin
Cover artist Miley Cyrus
Country United States
Language English
Subject Autobiography
Publisher Disney/Hyperion
Publication date
March 3, 2009
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 280 pp
ISBN 1-4231-1992-4
OCLC 244417637
LC Class ML3930.C98 A3 2009

Miles to Go is an autobiography by Miley Cyrus, co-written by Hilary Liftin and published by Disney Hyperion in March 2009.[1] The memoir discusses Cyrus' relationship with her parents, her thoughts on the media, her love life, her future ambitions and milestones she still has to reach in her life.[2] Miles to Go reached #1 on the New York Times children’s best seller list.[3] A second edition to the book was released in Australia in December 2009 and in the UK on 1 March 2010.[needs update]

Miles to Go has sold more than 2 million copies, selling over 1,000 copies the first day of its release. On a Today Show interview in April 2009, Cyrus said, "In my book, I want readers to feel what I feel; the emotion and power. I've explained how things went through in my life and how I've done it all. I just don't want my fans to come up to me and say all these things saying that famous is the best thing in the world. The popularity is pretty high and I want readers to understand that it is not that way about being a celebrity and not read it all for nothing." The book was listed on the Bestsellers chart[clarification needed] at #78 out of 100.[citation needed]

The book, in which Cyrus writes about how she is an ordinary girl living her dream life, includes stories, poems, songs, photos and quotations from the Bible.

Six more editions of the book have been released since its first release in March 2009.

A passage out of the autobiography was noted by the New York Post, as follows "I would never smoke, I always say that for me, smoking would be like smashing my guitar and expecting it to play... I'd never do that to my voice, not to mention the rest of my body" in contrast to her smoking habits which she took up sometime in December 2010.[4]


Translations of Miles to Go
Language Country Publisher(s) and distributor(s) Translator(s) Title(s)
1. French France Michel Lafon

Mes Secrets
(My Secrets)

Mon Chemin
(My Way)

2. Portuguese Brazil Panda Books

Hannah Montana e Eu
(Hannah Montana and I)

3. Spanish Spain
Latin America
Ediciones B[5]

Marc Barrobes

La Vida Por Delante
(The Life Ahead)
España y Millas
(Miles to Go)

4. Vietnamese Vietnam Literature Publishing House
and Nhã Nam Culture and Communications JSC[6]

Phi Phi

Những dặm đường tôi đi - Tự truyện của Hannah Montana
(Miles to Go - An Autobiography of Hannah Montana)


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