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Catenae Innovation plc
Public Limited Company
Traded asAIM:CTEA
PredecessorsMilestone Pictures Limited[1]
Milestone Group Holdings Limited[1]
MGH Investments Limited[1]
Founded6 March 2003 (2003-03-06)
  • The Passion Project
  • Winning in the Game of Life™
  • OnGuard
  • OnSide
  • Relative
  • Mobile Business Solutions
  • Nexstar
  • Disorder Magazine

Catenae Innovation (formerly Milestone Group) is a British Digital Media and Technology company. Originally a cross media proprietor with holdings in radio, publishing and television, the company now focuses on the digital media and technology sector.[2]

The company is based in London and is a constituent of the FTSE AIM All-Share Index division of the Alternative Investment Market.



Since Milestone’s admission to the AIM on 1 July 2003, the company has progressed from a radio, publishing and television provider[1] to a digital media and technology company. The following events mark that progression:


  • A new Board was formed headed by CEO, Deborah White.


  • Milestone entered into an agreement with privately owned American Technology firm, JumpStart Wireless Corporation, obtaining the rights to sell patented and patent pending technologies of Jumpstart in the UK.[3]


  • Acquisition of Oil Productions Ltd[4][5] and the development of OnSide.
  • Milestone’s subsidiary Oil Productions was awarded a contract to deliver a digital art competition for Infiniti.[6]


  • Paul Elliott CBE was appointed Milestone’s Sports and Corporate Social Responsibility Ambassador, bringing his “expertise in community and corporate social responsibility, both locally and nationally” to the company.[7]


  • Milestone launched its flagship product, the Passion Project, with the aim to inspire and empower young people and tackle youth unemployment.[8]
  • Milestone piloted its Winning in the Game of Life™ product in Primary Schools, meeting the UK curriculum for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education, and developed the OnGuard product which went live with Charlton Athletic FC’s Community Trust.[9]
  • The Milestone Foundation was established, a charitable foundation used to underpin the Passion Project and aid the delivery of successful outcomes for young people.


  • Milestone acquired Disorder Magazine, which showcases young talent whilst providing training for young people.
  • Milestone’s subsidiary Oil Productions was awarded a contract to deliver the construction of a microsite for the Animals Asia Foundation.[10]


  • Milestone formed a joint venture company, “Nexstar”, with Black Cactus Holdings Pty Ltd.[11] Nexstar was originally launched for the loyalty and rewards sector, but has since expanded to include a range of services including music, film, TV and apps. It was agreed that Nexstar would syndicate content from Disorder Magazine.[12]

Products and Subsidiaries[edit]

According to their respective websites, Milestone Group PLC and its subsidiaries offer a number of products and services to its clients. These include:

Oil Productions Ltd t/a Relative[edit]

A creative agency.

Disorder Magazine[edit]

A fashion and music-orientated youth magazine.


A technology provider, within the employee recognition, employee performance, customer loyalty and reward and product promotions market segments.

Mobile Business Solutions[edit]

A provider of mobile management tools incorporating:

  • OnSide – A mobile-managed monitoring tool for sports organisations.
  • OnGuard – A mobile-managed reporting tool used within the security and man-guarding sectors.

Former Holdings[edit]

Television channels[edit]

The Milestone Group had one television channel:

Radio stations[edit]

The Milestone Group used to outright own three local radio stations in the UK under the Passion Radio branding. One was sold between 2005 & 2006, while the other two were shut down:

  • Passion 107.9 - local radio station for the Oxfordshire area (Now under the ownership of Passion Radio (Oxford) Limited; now known as Jack FM 2 Oxfordshire, but referred to on-air as "Jack 2").
  • Fusion 107.3 - local radio station for Lewisham (and, on-air, Bromley and Croydon) (Sold to Sunrise Radio Group & re-branded "Time 107.3", then "South London Radio"; ceased operations 4 April 2009)
  • Millenium 106.8 - local radio stations for the Thamesmead area (Eventually taken over by Fusion Radio Holdings, who then re-branded it as "Time 106.8", then was sold to Sunrise Radio Group; ceased operations 4 April 2009)

It also held stake in four other radio stations alongside the stations' other investors. Eventually, Milestone's stake in these was sold off between 2005 & 2006:

Newspapers & Magazines[edit]

The Milestone Group used to own multiple publications through its former Tri-Media Publishing subsidiary, ten of them under the Courier Newspapers brand:

  • Auto Weekly - information on the buying and selling of cars in Oxfordshire.
  • Breakout! - published immediately before school holidays, a publication distributed in primary schools to children.
  • South Oxfordshire Courier - free newspaper for southern Oxfordshire, formerly "Courier Journal".
  • Oxford Journal - free newspaper for northern and central Oxfordshire, formerly "Oxford City Journal".
  • Oxfordshire Living - free monthly publication distributed in Oxfordshire.
  • Property Weekly - free publication advertising property for sale in Oxfordshire.
  • Oxford Courier - free newspaper for Oxfordshire
  • Thames Valley Life - monthly lifestyle magazine for Thames Valley
  • Basingstoke Property Weekly - weekly supplement distributed with the Basingstoke Observer by real estate agents in northern Hampshire.
  • West Berkshire News - free newspaper for West Berkshire.

Another was operated in association with then local radio station Kestrel FM in 2000:

Auto Weekly & Property Weekly are currently owned by The Oxfordshire Guardian Group, operated in conjunction with the Oxfordshire Guardan.

The South Oxfordshire Courier, after coming under the ownership of the paper's managing director in 2006, was retired in 2008 in favor of the branding of its sister publication, the Oxford Journal, which itself was retired soon afterwards, before being re-launched in 2012 under Taylor Newspapers, but was once again retired for the second & final time in 2014 in favor of an extension to the Oxfordshire Guardian.

Breakout!, Oxfordshire Living, Oxford Courier, Thames Valley Life, & Basingstoke Property Weekly are no longer published.

Basingstoke Observer was sold in a management buyout in September 2006. Following several changes in ownership, it now operates under the ownership of Taylor Newspapers. In June 2015, the Observer brand was extended to publications in Newbury & Thatcham.


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