Annapolis County, Nova Scotia

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Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Flag of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Coat of arms of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Coat of arms
Motto: Primus et Princeps
Location of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Location of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Coordinates: 44°42′N 65°12′W / 44.7°N 65.2°W / 44.7; -65.2Coordinates: 44°42′N 65°12′W / 44.7°N 65.2°W / 44.7; -65.2
Country  Canada
Province  Nova Scotia
Towns Annapolis Royal / Middleton
Established August 17, 1759
Incorporated April 17, 1879
Electoral Districts        

West Nova
Provincial Annapolis
 • Type Annapolis County Municipal Council
 • Warden Reginald (Reg) Ritchie
 • MLA Stephen McNeil (L)
 • MP Greg Kerr (C)
 • Land 3,184.97 km2 (1,229.72 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1][2]
 • Total 20,756
 • Density 6.5/km2 (17/sq mi)
 • Change 2006-11 Decrease3.2%
 • Census Rankings
 - Census Divisions
 Subdivision A
 Subdivision B
 Subdivision C
 Subdivision D
 - Towns
 Annapolis Royal
 - Reserves
 Bear River (part) 6
 Bear River 6B

6,342 (574 of 5,008)
3,707 (685 of 5,008)
5,085 (864 of 5,008)
3,007 (987 of 5,008)

444 (3,171 of 5,008)
972 (2,086 of 5,008)
1,829 (1,403 of 5,008)

42 (4,694 of 5,008)
10 (4,889 of 5,008)
Time zone AST (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) ADT (UTC-3)
Area code(s) 902
Dwellings 11,038
Median Income* $37,024 CDN
  • Median household income, 2005 (all households)

Annapolis County is a county in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia located in the western part of the province on the Bay of Fundy. The county seat is Annapolis Royal.


Established August 17, 1759 by Order in Council, Annapolis County took its name from the town of Annapolis Royal which had been named in honour of Anne, Queen of Great Britain. It was near the previous site of Port Royal, the chief Acadian settlement in the area. The Acadians had been forcibly removed by British government officials in the 1755 Grand Dérangement.

By 1833, a number of reasons had been advanced for making two counties out of Annapolis County. Two petitions were presented to the House of Assembly in that year requesting that the county be divided. However, it was not until 1837 that Annapolis County was divided into two distinct and separate counties - Annapolis and Digby.


There are 10,404 households out of which 26.06% have children living with them, 36.50% are married couples living together, 25.46% are one-person households, and 11.98% are other household types.


For a list of communities in Annapolis County, see List of Communities

Incorporated communities[edit]

Census subdivisions[edit]

Access routes[edit]

Highways and numbered routes that run through the county, including external routes that start or finish at the county limits:[7]

Protected areas[edit]

  • Cottage Cove Provincial Park
  • Delaps Cove Hiking Trails
  • Kejimkujik National Park
  • Upper Clements Provincial Park
  • Valleyview Provincial Park


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