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Milford Transit District
MilfordT ctpostmall.jpg
2010 New Flyer D40LF #121 & 2009 New Flyer D35LF #117 at the CT Post Mall in Milford.
Parent Connecticut Dept of Transportation
Founded 1977
Headquarters 259 Research Drive Milford, Connecticut 06460
Locale Milford
Service area Greater Milford, (Stratford, and Bridgeport on Coastal Link)
Service type Local Bus service, paratransit
Routes 4 (Monday-Saturday) (1 in conjunction with Bridgeport Transit and Norwalk Transit District)
Fleet 9 fixed route 18 para-transit
Daily ridership 2009:1,379 (weekday);817 (Saturday); 362(Sunday)
Website Milford Transit

The Milford Transit District is the primary provider of mass transportation in Milford, Connecticut. Four routes are provided by the agency that operate Monday-Saturday (No service is provided on Sundays or holidays except on Coastal Link.) Milford Transit District operates bus service on the Coastal Link route 6 days a week and manages the Milford Metro-North rail station. ,


  • 1 Coastal Link – Connecticut Post Mall to Bridgeport and Norwalk
  • 2 Post Mall\The Dock – via Milford Senior Center and Devon
  • 3 Westshore – Milford train station via Silver Sands State Park to Milford Point
  • 4 Woodmont – Milford train station via Post Mall to Woodmont


  • Regular/Adult $1.75
  • Senior/Disabled .85¢


Manufacturer/Model Year Built Series/
Powertrain Notes Photo
New Flyer D40LF 2003 325-326
Detroit Diesel Series 50EGR/Allison B-400R5
  • Route-Coastal Link
  • Active;324 was retired due to mechanical failure
  • Leased from CT Transit
Milford Transit District 326.jpg
New Flyer D40LF 2004 A467
Detroit Diesel Series 50EGR/Allison B-400R5
  • Route-Coastal Link
  • Active
  • Leased from CT Transit
  • Transferred from New Haven to replace New Flyer D40LF 324 & re-numbered A467
  • Ex-CT Transit 467
Milford Transit District A467.jpg
New Flyer D35LF 2009 117-120
Cummins ISL/Allison B-400R6
  • Route(s) Local 2-4,;and occasionally on Coastal Link
  • Route 2-Devon Route 3-West Shore, Route 4-Woodmont
  • Active
MilfordT 118.jpg
New Flyer D40LF 2010 121-122
Cummins ISL/Allison B-400R6
  • Route-Coastal Link
  • Active
MilfordT 121B.jpg


  • Routes 3 and 4 interline/continue to each other.
  • Milford Transit District DOES NOT operate buses on Sundays or Holidays except on Coastal Link.


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