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Kneginja Milica.jpg
Princess Milica of Serbia in a painting by Vladislav Titlbah, late 19th century, The National Museum in Kikinda
Pronunciation MILL-its-uh
Gender female
Word/name Slavic
Meaning "sweetling"
Region of origin countries that speak Slavic languages
Other names
Related names Militza

Milica (Serbian Cyrillic: Милица; pronounced Millitsa) is a feminine name popular in Slavic countries. It is derived from the Slavic word element mil(a), meaning kind and "dear", with the diminutive suffix "-itsa". The name was used for a number of queens and princesses, including Princess Milica of Serbia, wife of Lazar of Serbia, who is honored as a saint in the Serbian Orthodox Church. Milica has been the most popular name for girls born in Serbia since 1991, and is overall the most common female given name in the country.[1] The name is occasionally given the phonetic spelling Militza in English speaking countries. The name of Princess Milica of Montenegro was often translated as Militza in English language publications.

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