Milica Despina of Wallachia

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Milica Despina of Serbia
Milita Despina.jpg
Regent of Wallachia
Regency1521 - 1522
VoivodeTeodosie of Wallachia
Princess Consort of Wallachia
Reign1512 - 1521
Died30 January 1554
Sibiu, Transylvania
SpouseNeagoe Basarab of Wallachia
IssueTeodosie of Wallachia
Stana of Wallachia
Angelina of Wallachia
Ruxandra of Wallachia
HouseHouse of Branković (by birth)
House of Craiovești (by marriage)
FatherJovan Branković, Despot of Serbia or Đorđe Branković, Despot of Serbia
MotherJelena Jakšić or Isabella del Balzo

Milica Despina or Milița Despina (Serbian: Милица Деспина, Romanian: Milița Despina, c. 1485 – d. 1554) was the Princess consort of Wallachia by marriage to Neagoe Basarab, who ruled (1512-1521). She was regent of Wallachia from 1521 to 1522, on the behalf of her son Teodosie of Wallachia. In later years she became a nun, and took the name Platonida.


Princess Milica Despina was of Serbian origin, and closely related to noble houses of Branković and Lazarević. In historiography, there are several theories about her parents. Some scholars think that she was one of the daughters of Serbian despot Jovan Branković who died in 1502.[1] Others think that she was daughter of John′s elder brother, Serbian despot Đorđe Branković who died in 1516. There is also some other views about her origin.[2]


Milica Despina and Neagoe Basarab had six children:


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