Milice, film noir

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Milice, film noir
Directed by Alain Ferrari
Produced by Jean-Luc Denéchau
Written by Alain Ferrari
Starring Emile Augonnet
Francoise Basch
Narrated by Michel Bouquet
Music by Denis Barbier
Edited by Didier Ranz
Release date
10 December 1997 (France)
Running time
128 minutes (USA)
Country France
Language French

Milice, film noir (English: Militia, black film) is a French documentary film from 1997. It was directed and written by Alain Ferrari,[1] starring Emile Augonnet, Francoise Basch, and Michel Bouquet.[2]


The documentary film about French militia, active under the Vichy regime in occupied France, during World War II. Interviews with former militia men and their victims. It demonstrates that the militia's ruthless persecution of Jews and resistance movements exceeded even the Gestapo's requirements.[3][4]


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