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The Royal Brunei Armed Forces is the military of the nation of Brunei. In addition to the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Brunei also hosts bases for the British Army and the Singapore Armed Forces.

Royal Brunei Armed Forces[edit]

The military of the nation of Brunei is known as the Royal Brunei Armed Forces or Angkatan Bersenjata DiRaja Brunei in Malay, often abbreviated ABDB. It comprises the Land Forces, the Air Force, the Navy, Support Services and the Training Institute.

British Garrison Brunei[edit]

A Gurkha Battalion from the British Army has been maintained in Brunei at the request of the Sultan of Brunei subsequent to the 1962 Brunei Revolt.[1] This British Army detachment constitutes the most potent part of Brunei's defences.[citation needed]

Singapore Armed Forces[edit]

Singapore also maintains a training establishment in Brunei, known as the Jalan Aman Camp[2] and operates support helicopters mainly to transport the soldiers to Lakiun Camp in Temburong District for Jungle Training.

The other Singapore military establishment in Brunei is the Lakiun Camp in Temburong.[2] This provides jungle training for the Singapore Armed Forces in the interior of Temburong.

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