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Military Illustrated is a long-running military history magazine formerly published in the United Kingdom by Publishing News Ltd. From September 2007 publication was taken over by ADH Publishing.

History and profile[edit]

Military Illustrated was first published in 1986 on a bi-monthly basis, and sub-titled Past & Present. This sub-title was subsequently dropped, and the magazine became a monthly publication. Early issues of the magazine concentrated on uniforms and equipment, as well as occasional articles on modelling and military artists. The editor from issue 70 (March 1994) to date is Tim Newark.

The magazine subsequently changed to coverage of battles, campaigns and general military history including naval and aviation. Most articles are on World War II and earlier history. More recent campaigns such as Vietnam, Korea, Falklands War, and the first Gulf War are occasionally featured.Issue 275 (April 2011) is the last issue of the magazine to be published on paper. The magazine will only be available for purchase online for subsequent issues.


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