Military Medical Academy (Bulgaria)

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Military Medical Academy (MMA)
Military Medical Academy Sofia Bulgaria TB.jpg
The main building of the Military Medical Academy
Location Triaditsa, Sofia, BG
Coordinates 42°41′3″N 23°18′14″E / 42.68417°N 23.30389°E / 42.68417; 23.30389
Funding Government hospital
Hospital type General, specialist
Beds 283
Founded 1891
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The Military Medical Academy (MMA) (Bulgarian: Военномедицинска академия, ВМА) of Sofia is a large complex for medical treatment, as well as education, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has several branches and smaller clinics in other cities in the country.

It was established in 1891 as a military hospital and was transformed into a Senior Military Medical Institute (Висш военномедицински институт, ВВМИ) in 1960. The current structure dates from 1989, when the SMMI was unified with the main government hospital, the Navy hospital in Varna, and the Aero-medical research institute in Sofia. Doctors and specialists from the MMA are employed in army units.