Army Museum of Tasmania

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Army Museum of Tasmania
Military Museum of Tasmania 2010.JPG
Established 1814 (1814)
Location Anglesea Barracks, Hobart, Tasmania
Coordinates 42°53′19.48″S 147°19′31.79″E / 42.8887444°S 147.3254972°E / -42.8887444; 147.3254972Coordinates: 42°53′19.48″S 147°19′31.79″E / 42.8887444°S 147.3254972°E / -42.8887444; 147.3254972
Type Military Museum
Owner Government of Australia
Public transit access Davey Street-Taxi

The Army Museum of Tasmania is located within Anglesea Barracks in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Anglesea Barracks, constructed in 1814. The Barracks is included on the Commonwealth Heritage List.[1]

The museum is located in the military gaol which was built in 1847. The building has undergone few changes from when it was built despite its multiple uses, including as a girls reformatory, a married quarter, a store and offices.[2]

Displays include items from the colonial period when the British Army occupied the barracks to the current operational deployments with a focus on Tasmanian servicemen and women within the Australian Defence Force.[3]

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