Military Ordinariate of Brazil

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Military Ordinariate of Brazil

Ordinariatus Militaris Brasilia

Ordinariado Militar do Brasil
Catedral Militar do Brasil.jpg
DenominationRoman Catholic
RiteLatin Rite
Established6 November 1950 (69 years ago)
CathedralMilitary Cathedral of St. Mary Queen of Peace, Brasília
Current leadership
BishopFernando José Monteiro Guimarães, C.SS.R.
Auxiliary BishopsJosé Francisco Falcão de Barros
Bishops emeritusOsvino José Both

The Military Ordinariate of Brazil (Portuguese: Ordinariado Militar do Brasil) is a military ordinariate of the Roman Catholic Church. Immediately subject to the Holy See, it provides pastoral care to Roman Catholics serving in the Brazilian Armed Forces and their families.


It was created as a military vicariate on 6 November 1950, with the first military vicar appointment on the same day. It was elevated to a military ordinariate on 21 July 1986. The military ordinary's seat is located at the Military Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Military Queen of Peace (Catedral Militar Santa Maria dos Militares Rainha da Paz) in the city of Brasília.



Military vicars
Military ordinaries

Auxiliary bishops[edit]