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The Military Secretary to the Prime Minister (Hebrew: המזכיר הצבאי של ראש הממשלה‎‎, Ha-Mazkir Ha-Tzvaei Shel Rosh-Ha'Memshalah), is the senior military adviser to the Prime Minister of Israel on military and on national security issues. Major-General Eyal Zamir is the current incumbent.

The Military Secretary to the Prime Minister is privy to every product of the Israeli Intelligence Community. The role does not have much authority, yet is one of the most influential on Israel's national security policy. The Military Secretary is also a member of the Military Staff.

Previously, there were Brigadier Generals (Hebrew: תת-אלוף‎‎) serving as Military Secretary (The first Military Secretary was a mere Lieutenant Colonel; Hebrew: סגן אלוף‎‎), but ever since the 1990s, Major-Generals (Hebrew: אלוף‎‎) serve as the Military Secretaries. Some argue that raising the status of the Military Secretary has resulted in military considerations weighing in in decision making processes, at the expense of other considerations, and thus have suggested that the position of Military Secretary should be held by a lower rank.

The role of the Military Secretary has been diminished somewhat by the increasing importance of the National Security Council and the National Security Advisor.[1]

Military Secretaries[edit]

Name Tenure Notes
Lt. Colonel Nehemiah Argov 1948–1957 Did not serve in 1954–55[citation needed]
Maj. General Chaim Ben-David 1957–1963
Brig. General Yisrael Lior 1963–1974
Brig. General Efraim Poran 1974–1981
Brig. General Azriel Nevo 1981–1993
Maj. General Danny Yatom 1993–1996
Maj. General Zeev Livne 1996–1997
Maj. General Gadi Eisenkot 1999–2001 Currently, Northern Command Commander.
Maj. General Moshe Kaplinsky 2001–2002
Maj. General Yoav Galant 2002–2005
Maj. General Gadi Shamni 2005–2007
Maj. General Meir Kalifi 2007–2009
Maj. General Yohanan Locker 2010–2012 [2]
Maj. General Eyal Zamir 2012–2015
Brigadier General Eliezer Toledano [1] 2015- Incumbent


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