Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela

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Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela
Universidad Militar Bolivariana de Venezuela
UMBV seal.png
Logo of UMBV.
Former names
Academia Militar de Venezuela
Motto Historia, Constitucion, Defensa
Motto in English
History, Constitution, Defense
Type Military
Established 3 September 2010
Affiliation National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela
Rector LTGEN Alexis José Rodríguez Cabello
Dean MGEN Rafael José Aguana Nuñez
Location Caracas, Venezuelan Capital District, Venezuela
Campus Fort Tiuna, Caracas (Army, National Guard and Medical Academy)
La Guaira (Navy)
Maracay (Air Force and MTA)
Colours Blue and White         
Affiliations Armed Forces of Venezuela

The Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela (in Spanish Universidad Militar Bolivariana de Venezuela. The Military Bolivarian University of Venezuela ( UMBV ) , is a National Experimental University of Venezuela , which operates under the military education of the nation, is under the Ministry of the People's Power for Defense. It was founded by Decree of the president Hugo Chavez.[1] It is located in Caracas, Venezuela and it provides a four-year program of training for officer cadets.


Supporters of Hugo Chávez at his funeral at the grounds of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela.

Unlike other military academies, it is a system of Military academies, which offers studies in the different components that make up the armed forces of Venezuela. It is similar to several military academies in the world. It is a system of 5 military schools united in one single unit, also integrated by other schools and institutes recently opened.

The university system is composed of the following academies:[2]

Military Academies

The following are also part of the academy system:

Tactical, Technical and Logistical Studies[3]

  • Army Infantry School General-in-Chief Rafael Urdaneta
  • Army Cavalry and Armor School Major General Juan Guillermo Iribarren
  • Army Artillery School Colonel Diego Jalón
  • Army Logistics School Brigadier General José Gabriel Pérez
  • Army Military Engineering School Brigadier General Francisco Jacot
  • Naval Tactical Studies School
  • Air Power College
  • Internal Security Studies School
  • Armed Forces School of Intelligence Brigadier General Daniel Florence O'Leary
  • National Armed Forces College of Military Communications, Electronics and Information Technology (Instituto Universitario Militar de Comunicaciones, Electrónica y Informatica de la Fuerza Armada Nacional, IUMCOELIFA)
  • Languages College of the National Armed Forces Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda
    • Army Languages School
    • Navy Languages School
    • Air Force Languages School
    • National Guard School of Languages

Strategic Studies[4]

  • National Defense Advanced Studies Institute Grand Marshal of Ayacucho Anthonio Jose de Sucre (Instituto de Altos Estudios de la Defensa Nacional, IAEDEN)
  • National Armed Forces War College Liberator Simón Bolívar

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