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Military commissariat, Arkhangelsk

Military commissariat is a military institution in some European counties.

Russia and former USSR[edit]

Military commissariat (Russian: Военный комиссариат), abbreviated as voyenkomat (voenkomat) is а local military administrative agency in the former Soviet Union as well as in present-day Russia and some other CIS countries that prepares and executes plans for military mobilization, maintains records on military manpower and economic resources available to the armed forces, provides premilitary training, drafts men for military service, organizes reserves for training, and performs other military functions at the local level.

Voennyi komissariat is headed by an officer called voenkom (Russian: военком) in Russian, which is an abbreviation for voennyi komissar (Russian: военный комиссар), translated simply as "military commissar".

France and Italy[edit]

The word "commissariat", within the Military of France and the Italian one, designates services providing supplies, as well as financial and legal support to units, roughly equivalent to the Quartermasters in the US military. Officers from these services are called commissaires (in French) and commissari (in Italian).