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This is a list of weapons used by the Finnish Army, for past equipment, see here.

Armour and other vehicles[edit]

Model Origin Type Quantity Image Details
Leopard 2A4
Leopard 2A6
 Germany Main Battle Tank 100
60 (100)[1]
Taistelunäytös Leopard 2A4 Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 08.JPG 40 used Leopard 2A6 tanks will be delivered from the Netherlands 2018-2019. [2] Some of the existing Leopard 2A4's are equipped with Israeli made Urdan mine rollers.[3]
T-55M  Poland
Mine clearance tank Tankkiraato Säkylässä.jpg Equipped with a bulldozer blade or KMT-5 mine rollers[4] for use as mine clearance tanks. In use as of 2016.[5]
Infantry fighting vehicles
CV-9030 FIN  Sweden Infantry Fighting Vehicle 102[1] CV90 Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 2.JPG
BMP-2  Soviet Union Infantry Fighting Vehicle 110[1] Taistelunäytös BMP-2 Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 01.JPG All vehicles will be modernized with thermal imaging and Polish multi-spectral camouflage Berberys-R between 2015 and 2019.[6][7]
Armoured personnel carriers (tracked)
MT-LBV  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 389[1] Lippujuhlan päivän paraati 2016 24 Panssariprikaati MT-LB.JPG
Armoured personnel carriers (wheeled)
Patria AMV XA-360  Finland Armoured personnel carrier 62[1] Itsenäisyyspäivän paraati 2015 20 Patria AMV.JPG With Protector (RWS) remote weapon station.
Sisu Pasi XA-180/185
Sisu Pasi XA-202
Sisu Pasi XA-203 OWS
 Finland Armoured personnel carrier 260[1]
Total 409
Pasi XA-202 EPA Ps 921-32 Lippujuhlan päivä 2013 1.JPG 70 vehicles built in the 1980s will be modernized between 2014 and 2017. A further 210 vehicles may be modernized between 2017 and 2021.[8]
Utility vehicles
RG32M  South Africa MRAP 74 RG32M Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 03.JPG
Daimler Mercedes-Benz G300
Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen 270 CDI
 Germany Armoured Utility Vehicle Mercedes-Benz G-Class of the Canadian Land Forces.JPG
Land Rover Defender 110  United Kingdom Utility Vehicle Land Rover Defender Merivoimien vuosipäivä 2014 01.JPG
Toyota Hilux  Japan Pickup truck Toyota Hilux model 2009 Lippujuhlan päivä 2013 1.JPG
All-terrain vehicles
BV308  Sweden Tracked articulated all-terrain transport vehicle ~20 Bv308 Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 01.JPG Some were included in the a joint purchase from Norway and Sweden (two batches, 123 in 2012 and another 171 in 2013).
BV206 D6N  Sweden Tracked articulated all-terrain transport vehicle ~400 Military vehicle Bv206 in Jaeger Brigade 1997.jpg Some 274 have recently been purchased from Norway in two batches (123 in 2012 and another 171 in 2013).
Sisu NA-120 GT
Sisu NA-12 GT KV1
 Finland Tracked articulated, all-terrain transport vehicle ~250 Tracked transport vehicle Sisu NA 110.JPG All vehicles will be sold off by 2017.[9]
Lynx GLX 5900  Finland
Snowmobile Lynx GLX 5900.JPG
Polaris Sportsman 500/800 EFI
Sportsman MV7
 United States ATV Lippujuhlan päivän paraati 2014 090 Utin jääkärirykmentti Polaris Sportsman.JPG
Military engineering vehicles
Leopard 2L  Germany
AVLB 6[1] Leopard 2L Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 1.JPG
Leopard 2R  Germany
CEV 6[1]
Leopard 1A2 ARV  Germany ARV 8[10] Bergepanzer2.jpg
Leopard 1A2 AEV  Germany CEV 8[11] Pionierpanzer Dachs (2008).jpg
BLG-60M2  East Germany
AVLB 12[1] Winz9.jpg
Sisu E15TP Leguan  Germany
Bridging vehicle 9[12]
Sisu RA-140 DS  Finland Mine clearance vehicle Sisu RA-140 DS demining vehicle of Finnish Defence Forces.JPG

Field artillery[edit]

Model Origin Type Quantity Image Details
Field gun/Towed howitzer
155 K 98  Finland Field gun 54[12] 155 K 98 Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 3.JPG Supports readiness brigades with indirect fire. Improved version of the: 155 K 83-97. Equipped with an auxiliary power unit for short distance movement adjustments.
155 K 83–97  Finland Field gun 107 155 K 83-97 Lippujuhlan päivä 2013 3.JPG Provides indirect fire support for various units and is used to form heavy artillery battalions under direct supreme HQ command.
152 K 89  Soviet Union Field gun 24[1] 152-мм пушка Гиацинт-Б (1).jpg Provides indirect fire support for Jaeger and infantry brigades as well as battlegroups.
130 K 54  Soviet Union Field gun 76[1] 130 K 54 Torpin Tykit 1.JPG 130 mm towed field gun, also used by the coastal artillery.
122 H 63  Soviet Union Towed howitzer 471[1] 122h63ampuu.jpg The main artillery support of Jaeger and infantry brigades as well as battlegroups.
Self-propelled artillery
155 PSH 17  Republic of Korea Self-propelled howitzer (48)[13] K-9thunder.jpg Supports mechanized and motorized battlegroups with indirect fire. 48 used howitzers will be delivered from South Korea 2017-2024.
122 PSH 74  Soviet Union Self-propelled howitzer 72[1] Finnish 2S1 howitzer.JPG Supports mechanized and motorized battlegroups with indirect fire.
Multiple rocket launcher
298 RSRAKH 06
Driver training vehicle
 United States MLRS 22
M270 MLRS Ps 529-3 Lippujuhlanpäivä 1.JPG M270D1 vehicles used for long-range strikes against enemy reserves, command posts, and combat support organizations up to operational depth at the point of main effort.
122 RAKH 89 M1  Czechoslovakia MLRS 34[1] RM 70 MRL.jpg Czech 122 mm self-propelled multiple rocket launcher, originally 36 units bought from East German stocks. Used to support mechanised and motorised units.
Forward observer
BMP-1TJ  Soviet Union Forward observation vehicle 10[1]


Model Origin Type Quantity Image Details
Surface-to-air-missile system
ITO 12 NASAMS II  Norway Surface-to-air missile system 24[12] Lippujuhlan päivän paraati 2014 078 Panssariprikaati NASAMS.JPG Medium-range, mobile air-defence system that holds six AIM-120 C-7 AMRAAM missiles at ready. They are primarily used to protect the Capital Region. Also known as ITO 12.
Surface-to-air missile system 16[12]
ItO 2005, ASRAD-R.JPG ITO 05 is a short-range, mobile air-defence system that holds four RBS 70 missiles at ready and protects the readiness brigades as well as the Capital Region. Every ITO 05 launch unit is paired with an ITO 05M MANPADS. ITO 05M also protects the readiness brigades' Jaeger and armoured battalions.
ITO 90M (Crotale NG)  France Surface-to-air missile system 20[12] Sisu XA-180 iTO-90.jpg Short-range, mobile all-weather weapon system that holds eight VT-1 missiles at ready and is used to protect targets and troops vital to national defence.
ITO 15  United States MANPADS 200[15] Taistelunäytös FIM-92 Stinger 3 Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015.JPG FIM-92F Stinger-RMP Block I missiles. Surplus Stinger-missiles were brought from Denmark to be used for training purposes.[16]
Anti-aircraft artillery
35 ItK 88   Switzerland Twin-barreled AA autocannon 16 35 mm Oerlikon.jpg Originally 35 ItK 58. 35 ItK 88 is a modernized Oerlikon KD that incorporates features such as a digital fire-control system, automatic re-loading and, since the 2000s, a new radar system.
23 ItK 95
23 ItK 61 (ZU-23-2)
 Soviet Union Twin-barreled AA autocannon 45
Zu-23 30 M1-3 - InnovationDay2013part1-40.jpg Commonly known as "Sergei". ItK 95 is a modernized variant, where the gun is gyro-stabilized and has an auxiliary power unit, a laser range finder and a digital fire-control system.
ITPSV Leopard 2 MARKSMAN  Germany
 United Kingdom
Self-propelled, twin-barreled AA autocannon
Training vehicle
Kalustoesittely itsenäisyyspäivä 2015 13 Leopard 2 Marksman.JPG The Marksman turrets were moved from T-55AM chassis to Leopard 2 chassis in 2014 and 2015. In service use from 2016 onward.[3]



Model Origin Type Quantity Image Details
9.00 PIST 2008 (Glock 17)  Austria Pistol Glock 17.JPG Specially made RTF2 checkering texture around the grip, 20 N (4.5 lbf) trigger pull, self illuminating tritium sights and a 17+1-round magazine.
9.00 PIST 2003 (P99)  Germany Pistol Walther P99 9x19mm.png Special forces and military police.
9.00 PIST 80–91 (FN HP-DA)  Belgium Pistol Bda9.JPG
9.00 PIST SIG Sauer  Germany Pistol SIGSauerP226.JPG Peace-keepers and military marching bands.
Assault rifles
7.62 RK 62
7.62 RK 62 76
 Finland Assault rifle 350,000 RK 62 76.jpg Will be supplemented by RK 62M
7.62 RK 95 TP
 Finland Assault rifle 20,000 7,62 RK 95 TP Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 1.JPG Modernized standard assault rifle
7.62 RK 72 TP  East Germany Assault rifle MPi KmS 72.jpg East German-made AKMS (MPi-KMS-72). Purchased in the 1990s in large numbers for reserve troops. Folding stock version is used by various tank, APC and IFV crewmen.
7.62 RK 56
7.62 RK 56 TP
 China Assault rifle Type 56 rifle.jpg Chinese-made copies of the AK-47, purchased in the 1990s in large numbers for reserve troops, but not commonly used.
Heckler & Koch G36  Germany Assault rifle 800px-G36bw.jpg Operated by the border guards rapid response unit.
FN SCAR  Belgium Assault rifle 300–500 ScarSandiaPix.JPG Used by special forces[18]
12 HAUL REM 870  United States Shotgun M870mcs.jpg Standard shotgun.
Sniper rifles
8.6 TKIV 2000  Finland Sniper rifle Sako TRG-42.jpg
7.62 TKIV 85  Finland Sniper rifle 7,62 Tarkkuuskivääri 85 Lippujuhlan päivä 2013.JPG
7.62 TKIV Dragunov  Soviet Union Sniper rifle SVD Dragunov.jpg
12.7 RSTKIV 2000  United States Sniper rifle M82A1 barrett.jpeg Barrett M82A1.
Submachine guns
9.00 KP 2000 (MP5)  Germany Submachine gun Heckler & Koch MP5 b.jpg Special forces.
Support weapons
7.62 KK PKM
7.62 KK PKT
 Soviet Union General-purpose machine gun 7,62 KK PKM.JPG Standard general-purpose machine gun. 7.62 KK PKT is used in all IFV's in the Finnish army.
7.62 KVKK 62  Finland Light machine gun 7,62 KvKK 62.JPG Being gradually replaced by PKM.
12.7 ITKK 96  Soviet Union Anti-aircraft machine gun Machine gun NSVT.JPG Standard heavy machine gun
12.7 RSKK 2005  United States Heavy machine gun Patria AMV XA-360 Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 05 Protector RWS.JPG Found on the Patria AMV's Kongsberg weapon turrets.
7.62 KK MG3  Germany General-purpose machine gun Lippujuhlan päivän paraati 2014 074 Panssariprikaati Leopard 2A4.JPG Light armament on Leopard 2 tanks and NH90 helicopters.
M134D-H Minigun  United States Minigun NH90 (NH-211) Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 13 M134D.JPG Used as light armament on NH90 helicopters by the Utti Jaeger Brigade.[19]
40 KRKK 2005  Germany Grenade machine gun HK GMG Lippujuhlan päivä 2013.JPG
40 KRPIST 2002  Germany Grenade launcher HK69A1 40 kranaattipistooli 2002.JPG
AMOS-FIN (XA 361)  Finland
Mortar carrier 18[1] Tykillinen AMV.jpg 120mm twin-barrel mortar on a Patria AMV platform.
Sisu NA-122  Finland Tracked articulated, all-terrain mortar carrier, 120mm 27 Itsenäisyyspäivän paraati 2015 27 Sisu NA-122 GT.JPG
Sisu NA-123  Finland Tracked articulated, all-terrain ammunition carrier, 120mm 14
BV206 D6N  Sweden Tracked articulated, all-terrain mortar carrier, L16 81mm  ? Bv 81 krh Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 03.JPG
120 KRH 92  Finland Mortar (weapon) 698[1] 120 Krh 92 Helsinki 2012 1.JPG
81 KRH 71 Y  Finland Mortar 81 Krh 71-96 Y Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 1.JPG
 United Kingdom
Anti-tank weapon 2,500[15] Pansarvärnsrobot 57 aka MTB LAW.jpg Disposable, man-portable, short range fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile system.

RO 06

 Israel Anti-tank missile

Anti-tank missile
Anti-ship missile



Euro-Spike MR Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 4.JPG
Euro-Spike ER Helsinki 2012 3.JPG
140[21] launch units for anti-tank purpose MR version. 18 ER version launchers for anti-ship use. 500 Spike-MR missiles and 200 Spike-ER missiles. 45 GILL launchers were purchased from the Netherlands in 2013. These were modified by the Finns to Spike-LR.[22]
 United States Anti-tank missile Hires 090509-A-4842R-001a.jpg
112 RSKES APILAS  France Anti-tank weapon Apilas Lippujuhlan päivä 2014.JPG Portable one-shot 112 mm recoilless anti-tank weapon. Colloquially known as jumppaputki ("Gym tube"). Will be taken out of service by 2020.[23]
66 KES 12 (M72 EC LAW Mk.I)
66 KES 88
66 KES 12 RAK (M72 ASM RC)
 United States Anti-tank weapon
Anti-structure weapon
66 KES 88 Lippujuhlan päivä 2014.JPG Colloquially known as kessi. 66 KES 88 will be taken out of service by 2020.[23]
95 S 58-61  Finland Anti-tank weapon <1,000 95 S 58-61 Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 2.JPG 95mm recoilless anti-tank weapon. Colloquially known as musti ("Blackie"); the weapon makes a loud, distinctly dog bark-like sound when fired. In reserve. Will be taken out of service by 2020.[23]
Land mines
VP 2010  Finland Directional fragmentation weapon Anti-personnel command-detonated directional fragmentation weapon with 1.3 kg FPX R1 (PBX type) explosive.[24][25]
VP 84  Austria Anti-vehicle mine Anti-vehicle directional fragmentation mine with 11.5 kg hexotol (a mixture of hexogen (RDX) and TNT similar to Composition B).[25] Used against lightly armored vehicles.[26]
VP 01 Anti-vehicle mine Anti-vehicle directional fragmentation mine with 10.3 kg Composition B.[25] Used against lightly armored vehicles.
TM 65 77  Finland Anti-tank mine Blast mine with 9.5 kg TNT and a pressure fuze.[27]
Moniherätepanssarimiina 12  Finland/ East Germany Anti-tank mine 11.4 kg mine, with 6.9 kg either East German or Finnish made TM-62 explosive, and a Finnish multiple sensor fuze.[25][28][29]
POM 87  Finland Anti-tank mine Pohjamiina 87.JPG Shaped charge mine with 4 kg hexotol. Magnetic and seismic sensor fuze.[25]
POM 87 94  Finland Anti-tank mine Shaped charge mine with 4 kg hexotol. Magnetic and seismic sensor fuze, main explosive is similar to POM 87 but the fuze can also be programmed with a run-over counter and for self-deactivation.[25][30]
KP 87  Finland Anti-vehicle mine Kylkimiina 87 off-route mine.jpg Off-route EFP anti-vehicle mine with 1.6 kg hexotol.[25][31]

Army Aviation[edit]

The NH90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopters) is the main type of transport helicopters used, having replaced Soviet Mi-8s. The Army also uses Hughes 500 D and E helicopters in reconnaissance and training roles. The Finnish Army has 11 unmanned reconnaissance airplanes (RUAG Ranger), which are used for reconnaissance and artillery targeting purposes. The Finnish Army is also field testing Patria's new mini-UAV.

Aircraft Type Versions In service[32] Image Details
NHI NH90 Transport Helicopter NH90 TTH 20[1] NH-90 - RIAT 2013 (9348037795).jpg
MD Helicopters MD 500 Utility Helicopter MD 500D
MD 500E
RUAG Ranger Unmanned Reconnaissance 11[12] Ranger RL-12 Lippujuhlanpäivä 2013 02.JPG
Aeronautics Defense Orbiter Unmanned Reconnaissance Bespilotna letelica Orbiter VS.JPG 55 systems, with a total of 250 mini air vehicles to be delivered[34]


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