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The military equipment of Israel includes a wide array of arms, armored vehicles, artillery, missiles, planes, helicopters, and warships. Many of these are purchased overseas and many are indigenous designs. Until the Six-Day War of 1967, the Israel Defense Forces' principal supplier was France; since then, it has been the United States government and defense companies. In the early 21st century, Israeli companies such as Soltam Systems began selling arms to the United States.[1] Much of the military equipment undergoes improvements in Israeli workshops. In addition to weapons purchased overseas and indigenous products, Israel also operates and maintains large stockpiles of Soviet-made equipment captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.[2]


During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the military equipment in the IDF was very diverse and inconsistent. This was due to the severe limitation in obtaining war materiel (the British Mandate and the Arab embargo). During the 1950s, the IDF began the process of standardization, relying primarily on French military equipment.

During the Six Day War, the military cooperation with France ceased (the French Weapons Embargo of 1967) and Israel began to rely on American weaponry and on local research and development. During the 1980s and 1990s, the IDF increased its supplies of American arms, armor and aircraft, aiming for technological superiority over Arab countries, toward "a smaller, smarter army".

The reliance on locally manufactured military equipment has also greatly increased. Today, the overwhelming majority of Israel's military equipment is either manufactured in the United States (and often modified in Israeli workshops), or is developed and manufactured locally, with an increasing emphasis on advanced technology, including aerospace and electronics.

Local military development[edit]

Some of the military equipment developed locally have been:

Ground forces equipment[edit]

Small arms[edit]

Name Image Type Caliber Origin Notes
Jericho 941[4] Jericho 941F.jpg Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm  Israel
Glock 17[5] Glock 17 2nd Gen.jpg Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm  Austria
Glock 19[6] Criminologygunglock.jpg Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm  Austria
Browning Hi-Power[6] Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm  Belgium
Beretta M1951[4] Beretta1951.JPG Semi-Automatic Pistol 9×19mm  Italy
Heckler & Koch P11[4] HK P11 mit pruefgeraet.jpg Underwater pistol 7.62×36mm  Germany
Submachine guns
IMI Uzi[7] Uzi 1.jpg Submachine Gun 9×19mm  Israel Uzi, Mini-Uzi and Micro-Uzi used.
Ingram MAC-10[4] MAC10.jpg Submachine Gun 9×19mm  United States
IMI Micro Tavor MTAR-21[4] Micro-Tavor21-pic001.jpg Submachine Gun and Bullpup Assault Rifle 9×19mm
 Israel Variant of the Tavor Assault Rifle, replacing the Uzi, and becoming the standard issue assault rifle
Semi-automatic rifle
Suppressed Ruger 10/22[6][8] Ruger-1022.jpg
Semiautomatic rifle .22 LR  United States Adopted for non-lethal crowd control.
Assault rifles
IMI Tavor TAR-21[4] IWI-Tavor-TAR-21w1.jpg Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm  Israel Variants used are MTAR-21 (X95), TAR-21, GTAR-21, STAR-21 and CTAR-21
M4 Carbine[4] M-4 kala sa'ar.JPG Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm  United States
M16A1[9] M16A1 brimob.jpg Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm  United States
CAR-15[6] GAU and GUU.jpg Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm  United States
IMI Galil[4][7] IMI-Galil.jpg Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm  Israel Variants used are Galil AR and Galil SAR
IMI Micro Galil Vektor LM5 Feb 2008.jpg Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm  Israel Highly compact version of the Galil
AKM[4][7][10] AKM NTW 4 92.jpg Assault Rifle 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union Captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab-Israeli Conflict and used by Special Forces.
AK-47[4][7][11] AK-47 type II Part DM-ST-89-01131.jpg Assault Rifle 7.62×39mm  Soviet Union Captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab-Israeli Conflict and used by Special Forces.
Battle rifles
M14[4] M14rifle.jpg Battle Rifle 7.62×51mm  United States
Light machine gun
IMI Negev[4] IWI-Negev-Zachi-Evenor-01-white.jpg Light Machine Gun 5.56×45mm  Israel
Medium machine gun
M1919 Browning Browning M1919a.png Medium Machine Gun .30-06 Springfield  United States
General purpose machine guns
FN MAG[12] MAG-latrun-exhibition-1.jpg General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62×51mm  Belgium
Negev NG7 Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Becoming A Soldier of the Caracal Battalion (57).jpg General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62×51mm  Israel
PKM[6] PKM DD-ST-85-01257.JPEG General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62×54mmR  Soviet Union Captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab-Israeli Conflict and used by Special Forces.
Heavy machine guns
Browning M2[4] M2E2 Quick Change Barrel (QCB).jpg Heavy Machine Gun 12.7×99mm  United States Upgraded to M2HB-QCB
Remington 870[6] Flickr - ~Steve Z~ - 870.jpg Shotgun 12 Gauge  United States
Mossberg 500 PEO Mossberg 590A1.jpg Shotgun 12 Gauge  United States
Armsel Striker Protecta-shotgun-p1030163.jpg Revolving Shotgun 12 Gauge  South Africa Used for riot control
Designated marksman rifles
SR-25[6] SR-25 pic02.jpg Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm  United States
IMI Galatz Galil-Sniper-Galatz-r001.jpg Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm  Israel Sniper variant of the Galil
M89SR[6] Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm  Israel
Sniper rifles
M24[6] IDF-M24-SWS-pic001.jpg Sniper Rifle 7.62×51mm  United States
HTR 2000 IDF-HTR-2000-rifle-ZE001.jpg Sniper Rifle .338 Lapua  United States
Barrett M82 M82A1 barrett.jpeg Anti-materiel rifle 12.7×99mm  United States
Hand grenades
M26A2 M-67Grenade.jpg Fragmentation Grenade n/a  Israel Based on the American M26 grenade
IDF M48 M84 stun grenade.gif Stun grenade n/a  Israel Based on the American M84 stun grenade

Rocket and grenade launchers[edit]

Name Image Type Caliber Origin Notes
B-300 Shipon001.jpg Shoulder-launched Rocket 82mm  Israel
RPG-7 RPG-7 detached.jpg Shoulder-launched Rocket 85mm  Soviet Union
Shipon Shipon001.jpg Shoulder-launched Rocket 83mm  Israel
M72 LAW USAF M72 LAW.jpg Shoulder-launched Rocket 66mm  United States
MATADOR MATADOR Stand.jpg Shoulder-launched Rocket 90mm  Israel
M79[4] M79 afmil.jpg Stand-alone Grenade Launcher 40mm  United States
M203[4] Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Pose for the Camera.jpg Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher 40mm  United States
Mk 19[4] MK19-02.jpg Automatic Grenade Launcher 40mm  United States
Mk 47 Striker 200295103315mk47.jpg Automatic Grenade Launcher 40mm  United States


Name Image Type Origin Notes
Spike SPIKE ATGM.jpg Anti-Tank Missile  Israel
BGM-71 TOW Hires 090509-A-4842R-001a.jpg Anti-Tank Missile  United States
LAHAT LAHAT.jpg Anti-Tank Missile  Israel
MAPATS MAPATS.jpg Anti-Tank Missile  Israel
Nimrod Paris Air Show 2007-06-24 n27.jpg Long-range anti-tank missile  Israel
M47 Dragon Dragon 04.jpg Anti-Tank Missile  United States


Name Image Type Number in Service[13] Origin Notes
Main battle tanks
Merkava Mark IV MerkavaMk4 ZE001m.jpg Main Battle Tank 6000  Israel Some in active service/some in reserve
Merkava Mark III Merkava3dKasag001.jpg Main Battle Tank 3000  Israel Some in active service/some in reserve
Merkava Mark II Merkava-2-latrun-2.jpg Main Battle Tank 1000  Israel Some in reserve [14]
Merkava Mark I Merkava-1-latrun-2.jpg Main Battle Tank 5000  Israel Retired[14]
Magach 7 Magach-7-latrun-2.jpg Main Battle Tank 4500  United States
Retired, based on the American M60 Patton, to be sold or scrapped[14]
Armoured personnel carriers
M113 M113A1-latrun-1.jpg Armored Personnel Carrier 6,131  United States
IDF Achzarit Achzarit.jpg Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier 215  Israel Based on the T-54 Tank
Nagmachon Nagmachon01.jpg Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier N/A  United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
Nakpadon Nakpadon01.jpg Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier N/A  United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
Nakpuma Heavy Combat Engineering/Armored Personnel Carrier N/A  United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
Namer IDF-Namer003.jpg Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier 120  Israel 531 planned to be in service by 2027. Based on the Merkava chassis.
Utility vehicles
Wolf Zeev 2.jpg Armored Vehicle 300  Israel
AIL Storm Sufa 3 (1).JPG Utility vehicle 700  Israel
HMMWV IDF soldier at Qalqilya checkpoint.jpg Utility vehicle 2,000+  United States
MDT David David-row.jpg Utility vehicle 400  United Kingdom
Based on the Land Rover Defender
Plasan Sand Cat Plasan SandCat.jpg Utility Vehicle 79  Israel
Otokar Akrep Armored Vehicle 30  Turkey [15]
AIL Abir Abir2.jpg 4×4 Truck N/A  Israel
M35 Truck M35.jpg 8×12 Truck N/A  United States
Unimog 437 ITTM 2014 Teuchern 204 (5).jpg Heavy Truck N/A  Germany
HEMTT HEMTT Wrecker and Cargo.jpg 8×8 Heavy Truck N/A  United States
Engineering vehicles
Puma IDF-Puma-by-Zachi-Evenor.jpg Heavy Combat Engineering Vehicle N/A  United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
CAT D9 IDF-D9-Zachi-Evenor-001.jpg Combat Armored Bulldozer 175  United States
Bulldozer manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., military conversion and armor by Israel.
M548 Alfa M548 (7527992146).jpg Cargo & Ammunition Carrier N/A  United States
Based on the M113
M60 AVLB M60A1 Armored Vehicle Landing Bridge.jpg Armored Bridge Layer 10  United States
Nemmera Armored Recovery Vehicle N/A  Israel Based on the Merkava
M88 M88 Track Recovery Vehicle.jpg Armored Recovery Vehicle 25  United States
Nagmapop Command & Surveillance vehicle N/A  United Kingdom
Based on the Centurion Tank
AIL Desert Raider Dune Buggy N/A  Israel
VIPeR Unmanned Ground Vehicle N/A  Israel
Guardium Guardium001.jpg Unmanned Ground Vehicle N/A  Israel
Black Thunder Unmanned Bulldozer N/A  United States
Based on the Caterpillar D9[16]


Name Image Type Number in Service[13] Origin Notes
M109 M109-Doher-latrun-exhibition-1.jpg 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 600  United States
Upgraded as the M109 Doher. Based on the M109A5. Replacement program initiated,[17] candidates include ATMOS 2000 and the Artillery Gun Module.[18]
Soltam M-71 M-71-cannon-deployed.JPG 155mm Towed Howitzer 300  Israel
Soltam M-68 L-33-Roem-beyt-hatotchan-2.jpg 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 50  Israel In reserve
Pereh פרא.jpg Guided Missile Carrier  ?  Israel Declassified June 2015
M270 MLRS-IDF002.jpg Multiple Rocket Launcher 48  United States
Cardom SP Stryker fie 120.jpg 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar 64  Israel
Soltam M-65 Mortar-120mm-beyt-hatotchan-1.jpg 120mm Mortar 250  Israel
M113 Tamuz M113-mortar-carrier-id2008-1.jpg Missile Launching Vehicle N/A  Israel Spike Missiles launched from an M113 chassis[19]
LAR-160 LAR-160.jpg 160mm artillery rocket  Israel
Extended Range Artillery Rocket (EXTRA) Long-range artillery rocket  Israel 150km range[20]

Air defense[edit]

Name Image Type Number in Service[13] Origin Notes
Machbet M163-hatzerim-1.jpg Air Defense Vehicle 400  United States
Based on the M163 VADS
FIM-92 Stinger Stinger (dummy) and case.png Shoulder-launched Surface-to-air missile 500  United States
FIM-43 Redeye FIM-43 Redeye 1.jpg Shoulder-launched Surface-to-air missile N/A  United States
ZSU-23-4 ZSU-57-2 in Polish service.jpg Air Defense Vehicle 60[21]  Soviet Union
Bofors L/70 Bofors-40-L70-hatzerim-2-1.jpg 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun N/A  Sweden
ZU-23-2 ZU-23-2-on-truck-hatzerim-1.jpg 23mm Anti-Aircraft Gun N/A  Soviet Union
TCM-20 TCM-20-hatzerim-2.jpg 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun N/A  France

Air forces equipment[edit]

Note there are multiple sources and these provide different figures:
Aircraft Origin Type Versions
In Service
By INSS By FlightGlobal By IISS
Fighter aircraft
Boeing F-15 Eagle  United States air superiority fighter F-15A "Baz" 52[22] 42[23] 16[24]
F-15C "Baz" 17[24]
F-15B "Baz" 16[23] 6[24]
F-15D "Baz" 11[24]
Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle  United States strike fighter F-15I "Ra'am" 25[22] 25[23] 25[24]
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon  United States multirole fighter F-16A "Netz" 107[22] 63[23][25] 77[24]
F-16B "Netz" 16[24]
F-16C "Barak" 136[22] 77[23][25] 78[24]
F-16D "Barak" 49[23][25] 49[24]
F-16I "Sufa" 100[22] 99[23] 99[24]
Trainer aircraft
Grob G-120  Germany trainer aircraft G-120AI "Snunit" 27[22] 17[23] 17[24]
Beechcraft T-6 Texan II  United States trainer aircraft T-6A "Efroni" 19[22] 20[23] 20[24]
McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk  United States ground attack / trainer A-4N, TA-4H/J "Ayit" 20[22] 20[26] 46[24]
Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master  Italy transonic jet trainer M-346 "Lavi" 2 (30)[27]
Transport / Aerial refueling / Aerial firefighting / Utility / Signals intelligence / Maritime patrol / AEW
Air Tractor AT-802  United States aerial firefighting AT-802F 8[22] 7[23] 3[24]
Beechcraft Bonanza  United States utility A-36 "Khofit" 22[22] 22[24]
Beechcraft Super King Air (C-12 Huron)  United States utility / transport / trainer B-200/T/CT "Tzofit" 29[22] 29[23] 22[24]
EW / ELINT / SIGINT RC-12D/K "Kookiya" 6[24]
IAI SeaScan  Israel maritime patrol 1124N "Shahaf" 3[22] 3[23] 3[24]
Gulfstream G550  United States SEMA G500 "Nahshon-Shavit" 3[22] 3[23] 3[24]
CAEW G550 "Nahshon-Eitam" 2[22] 2[23] 2[24]
Lockheed C-130 Hercules  United States tactical transport C-130E "Qarnaf" 12[22] 12[23] 5[24]
C-130H "Qarnaf" 6[24]
aerial refueling KC-130H "Qarnaf" 3[22] 4[23] 4[24]
Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules  United States tactical transport C-130J "Shimshon" - 1 (4)[28] -
Boeing 707  United States heavy transport / EW 707 "Re'em" 8[22] 1[23] 3[24]
aerial refueling KC-707 "Saknai" 5[22] 8[23] 7[24]
Bell AH-1 Cobra  United States attack helicopter AH-1"Tzefa" 33[22] 49[23] 47[24]
Eurocopter Panther  France maritime patrol AS-565SA "Atalef" 5[22] 6[23] 7[24]
Boeing AH-64 Apache  United States attack helicopter AH-64A "Peten" 30[22] 26[29] 27[24]
AH-64D "Saraph" 17[22] 22[29] 17[24]
Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion  United States heavy transport CH-53 "Yas'ur 2000" 37[22] 18[30] 26[24]
CH-53 "Yas'ur 2025" 5[30]
Sikorsky S-70 (UH-60 Black Hawk)  United States tactical transport S-70A / UH-60A/L "Yanshuf" 49[22] 48[23] 49[24]
Bell 206 (OH-58 Kiowa)  United States light transport / trainer 206B "Saifan" 18[23] 6[24]

Unmanned aerial vehicles[edit]


Naval forces equipment[edit]

Below are the IDF's active service watercraft. The year of service, speed, full load displacement, and crew members, are in parentheses.

Missile boats[edit]


Patrol boats[edit]

Unmanned naval vehicles[edit]


  • Germany Dolphin (1992; 11 kt, 20 kt underwater; 1,640 tons, 1,900 tons underwater; 30 crew members)

Commando boats[edit]

  • Israel Dolphin type underwater craft
  • Israel Maiale type underwater craft
  • Israel Snunit boat
  • Israel Zaharon boat
  • Israel Moulit boat
  • Israel Morena rigid-hull inflatable boat

Remote weapon systems[edit]

Space systems[edit]


See also[edit]


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