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Since its establishment in 1948, the modern State of Israel has been involved in a series of military operations (in addition to seven recognized wars) which all compose the military aspect of the complex Arab-Israeli conflict.

The following list centralizes the main and most notable military operations conducted by the Israeli Defense Forces sorted in chronological order and divided into the main time periods of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict for easier navigation.


1948 Arab–Israeli War[edit]

1956 Suez Crisis[edit]

See also: Suez Crisis
  • Operation Kadesh (October 29 - November 6, 1956) – Israeli armored thrust into the Sinai Peninsula.
    • Operation Machbesh – Air operations element of Operation Kadesh.
      • Operation Omer – Planned Israeli air attack on Egyptian guns covering Strait of Tiran.
      • Operation Steamroller – Israeli air assault/airdrop (using paratroopers) that began Operation Kadesh and provided the excuse for the launch of Musketeer.

Additional Israeli military operations[edit]


1967 Six Day War[edit]

See also: Six Day War
  • Operation Focus (1967) – Israeli Air Force bombing of Egyptian airfields, expanded to include Syrian, Jordanian and Iraqi airfields as well (also known as Moked, its Hebrew name).

1967–1970 War of Attrition[edit]

  • Operation Inferno (Hebrew: Tofet) (1968) – Israeli raid against PLO militants in the Jordanian town of Karameh (on the east bank of the Jordan river).
  • Operation Boxer (1969) – A series of attacks by the Israeli Air Force on Egyptian SAM installations
  • Operation Bulmus 6 (1969) – Israeli special operations raid against the Egyptian fortress, early warning radar and ELINT station of Green Island in the Gulf of Suez.
  • Operation Raviv (1969) – Israeli armoured raid across the Gulf of Suez into Egypt. Egyptian radar installation at Ras Abu-Daraj and Ras Za'arfrana were destroyed. Also known as the Ten-Hour War.
  • Operation Rooster 53 (1969) – Israeli special operation to capture an Egyptian P-12 radar system.
  • Operation Priha ("Blossom") (1970) – A concentrated series of Israeli strikes against military targets in the Egyptian heartland.

The 1973 Yom Kippur War[edit]

See also: Yom Kippur War

1982 Lebanon War[edit]

1987–1993 First Intifada[edit]

See also: First Intifada

Additional Israeli military operations[edit]


1982–2000 South Lebanon conflict[edit]

Additional Israeli military operations[edit]


2000–2005 Second Intifada[edit]

See also: Second Intifada

Additional Israeli military operations[edit]


2006 Lebanon War[edit]

  • Operation Just Reward (12 July – 14 August 2006) – Israeli counterattack which began with air force bombing of Hezbollah positions in Southern Lebanon.
    • Operation Sharp and Smooth (August 1–2) – Israel Defense Forces raid on a Hezbollah-run hospital in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.
    • Tyre raid (August 4) – Night mission carried out by the Israel Defense Forces frogmen, Shayetet 13, in the southern Lebanon town of Tyre. It targeted the Hezbollah cell responsible for the rocket attack on Hadera on the previous day.
    • Operation Changing Direction 11 (August 11–14) – Final offensive push by the Israel Defense Forces during the Lebanon War.

Additional Israeli military operations[edit]


  • Operation Iron Law (15 March 2011) – Israel seized a ship from Syria bringing Iranian weapons to Gaza.[13]
  • Sudan airstrike (5 April 2011) – An airstrike which killed the alleged head of Hamas weapons acquisition while he was traveling in a car from Port Sudan Airport. Israel was proposed as an alleged perpetrator of the airstrike.
  • Gaza Strip air raids (18–19 August 2011) – A series of targeted killings and raids on PRC targets in Gaza, in response to attacks on southern Israel.
  • Operation Returning Echo (9–14 March 2012) – A series of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli reprisals following the targeted killing of PRC chief.
  • Khartoum airstrike (23 October 2012) - Bombing of a Sudanese weapon factory south of Khartoum, which was blamed on IAF by Sudan. Israel denied the allegations.
  • Golan clashes (11 November 2012–present) - Incidents between Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan Heights.
  • Operation Pillar of Defense (14–21 November 2012) - In response to over a hundred rocket attacks on southern Israeli cities, Israel began an operation in Gaza with the targeted killing of Ahmed Jabari, chief of Hamas military wing, and airstrikes against twenty underground sites housing long-range missile launchers capable of striking Tel Aviv.
  • Jamraya airstrike (30 January 2013) - Alleged Israeli airstrike on a Syrian convoy transporting weapons to Hezbollah.[14] Other sources stated the targeted site was a military research center in Jamraya responsible for developing biological and chemical weapons.[15]
  • Airstrikes on Syria (May 3 and 5, 2013) - Airstrikes on Syria against long-ranged weapons sent from Iran to Hezbollah.[16][17]
  • Latakia explosion (5 July 2013) - Alleged Israeli airstrike on a Syrian depot containing Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles.[18]
  • Snawbar airstrike (30 October 2013) - Alleged Israeli airstrike at an air defense site in Snawbar.[19]
  • 2nd Latakia attack (26 January 2014) - Alleged Israeli airstrike against a Syrian warehouse of S-300 missiles.[20]
  • Beqaa Valley airstrike (24 February 2014) - Two airstrikes against a Hezbollah missile base in Lebanon near the border with Syria.[21]
  • Operation Full Disclosure (5 March 2014) - Israeli navy interception of the Klos-C cargo ship, which was used by Iran to smuggle dozens of long-range rockets to Gaza, including Syrian-manufactured M-302 rockets.[22]
  • Operation Brothers' Keeper (June 12–30, 2014) - After three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped in Gush Etzion, Israel began a military operation to rescue them and damage Hamas' infrastructure in the West Bank. Eighteen days later, the bodies of the three missing teenagers were found in a field near Hebron.[23]
  • Operation Protective Edge (8 July – 26 August 2014) - The IDF ended Operation Brother's Keeper, which brought tension in the region and increased rocket fire from Gaza at Israel and commenced Operation Protective Edge to retaliate on rocket fire.[24]
  • Rif Dimashq airstrikes (7 December 2014) - Alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria against a warehouse of advanced S-300 missiles, which were en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon.[25]
  • Mazraat Amal airstrike (18 January 2015) - Israeli airstrike in Quneitra against Hezbollah and Iranian operatives.[26]
  • Qalamoun airstrike (25 April 2015) - Israeli airstrikes against Hezbollah camps and weapons convoys in two brigade bases of al-Qalamoun region.[27]
  • Bekaa Valley airstrike (21 June 2015) - Israeli airstrike against targets in Lebanon's western Bekaa Valley.[28]
  • August 2015 Syria Airstrikes (August 20–21 2015) - Israel launched airstrikes in Syria, after four rockets hit the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee.[29]
  • Qalamoun airstrike (31 October 2015) - Israeli airstrike on Hezbollah targets in southern Syria, including a weapons convoy.[30]
  • November 2015 Israeli airstrike (11 November 2015) - Israeli airstrike near Damascus airport against Hezbollah weapons warehouses.[31]

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