Military order

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Military order may refer to:


  • Military order (religious society), confraternity of knights originally established as religious societies during the medieval Crusades for protection of Christianity and the Catholic Church

Military organisation and terms[edit]

  • Military order (instruction), including an individual command by an armed forces officer to a person under his command
    • General order, a published directive originated by a commander of a military organization
    • Operations order, an executable plan that directs a unit on how to conduct a military operation
    • Close order drill, a form of military parade for ceremonial purposes
  • Martial law, order and security maintained by the military when government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively
  • Military justice or military law, a body of laws and procedures governing members of the armed forces

See also[edit]

  • Order (honour), a designation of merit awarded by a government, dynastic house, sovereign or organization to an individual