Military patrol at the 1928 Winter Olympics

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The German team.
Referees from France, Italy, Switzerland and Poland

At the 1928 Winter Olympics, in St. Moritz, Switzerland, a military patrol competition was held. Because of a snowstorm the night before the competition, the start of the event was delayed 45 minutes to the cleaning up of the track. The competition was contested over a 30 km distance with an elevation difference of 1100 metres. The starting point was on a height of 2,108 metres, the highest point at 2,877 metres, and the goal in the valley at 1,850 metres.[1] Nine countries with 36 military patrol runners participated in this event.

The event was held on Sunday, February 12, 1928.

Place Team Time
1  Norway
(Ole Reistad, Leif Skagnæs, Ole Stenen, Reidar Ødegaard)
2  Finland
(Eino Hjalmar Kuvaja, Kalle Tuppurainen, Esko Järvinen, Veikko Hannes Ruotsalainen
3  Switzerland
(Franz Kunz,[2] Hugo Lehner, Otto Furrer, Anton Julen)
4  Italy
(Enrico Silvestri, Daniele Pellissier, Erminio Confortola, Piero Maquignaz)
5  Germany
(Franz Raithel, Stefan Kistler, Josef Rehm, Ludwig Mayer)
 4:15:02 ½
6  Czechoslovakia
(Otakar Německý, Josef Klouček, Jan Bedřich, Robert Möhwald)
 4:15:07 ½
7  Poland
(Zbigniew Wóycicki, Władysław Żytkowicz, Bronisław Czech, Tadeusz Zaydel)
8  Romania
(Toma Calista, Constantin Pascu, Ioan Rucǎreanu, Ion Zǎgǎnescu)
9  France
(Marcel Pourchier, R. Mandrillon, R. Gindre, M. Perrier)


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