Militia Christi (band)

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Militia Christi
GenresDark Ambient
Black metal
Years active2001-2005
LabelsDecadance records
Cursed land
MembersIl Messia
Il Predicatore
La Santa Peccatrice
S. Giuda l'Apostata

Militia Christi is an Italian gothic rock/dark ambient musical project whose lyrics, sung in Italian and Latin, deal with Mysticism, Gnosticism, Hermetism, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, Theosophy, Philosophy, Knights Templar and Freemasonry. They seem to have a very strong connection with the Italian extreme gothic metal band Theatres des Vampires.[1]

The origin of the band and the real name of its members are still unknown. They have never performed live.

Musical style[edit]

Their music is a mix of Dark Ambient and Gothic rock with some black metal influences.



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