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Miljevci is located in Croatia
Location of Miljevci in Croatia

Miljevci or Miljevci plateau is a small region in Šibenik-Knin County in Croatia that includes seven villages.[1][2] The plateau has an area of over 100 square kilometers and is located between the rivers of Krka, Čikola and mountain Promina.[3] Miljevci are only a few kilometers from the town of Drniš in the east, and across the Visovac Monastery in the west. The majority of the population are Croats.

The villages of Miljevci have a total population of 1,096 (census 2011):[4]

  • Bogatić (population 94)
  • Brištane (population 174)
  • Drinovci (population 164)
  • Kaočine (population 203)
  • Karalić (population 108)
  • Ključ (population 162)
  • Širitovci (population 191)

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