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Other names 牛奶@咖啡, Milk Coffee, Milk@Coffee
Origin China
Genre(s) Mandopop
Fu Yan, Ge Fei

Milk Coffee (Chinese: 牛奶咖啡; pinyin: Niúnǎi Kāfēi) is a Chinese pop-music group consisting of Kiki(singer / lyricist), and Ge Fei(Keyboard / guitar / arranger and producer).[1]


KiKi was in high school when met Gefei through QQ. They chatted about music. After entering the university, KiKi、Gefei built a band with two other classmates and participated in the Campus Band Competition, but they failed. The band was forced to disband due to their graduation. But KiKi and Gefei did not give up. They built the band "Milk@Coffee". For them, the purpose of making music just for their love of life. KiKi said,“In 2004, I met a stranger in Gefei's home, she asked me if I want to be an artisan. I couldn't believe at that time. The stranger, is our broker. She listened to our music, through friends' introduction. " Milk@Coffee joined Modern Sky Company, and debut by the album "Burn! Little Universe". In 2008 and in 2009, they released album "Youth is blue" and "Got used to the loneliness". "Got used to the loneliness" was released with the book "Loneliness leads us to grow up", which is written by Kiki. In 2009, they changed Milk@Coffee into Milk Coffee. They left Modern Sky Company and joined Huayi Bros. Media Group. The new albums, "Give You Some Color" "Lost & Found~To find it" and "You can not love me" make them more famous in China.[2]




《Burn! Little Universe(燃烧吧!小宇宙)》,2005

  • Burn! Little Universe(燃烧吧!小宇宙)
  • Lasia
  • The place that only we know(只有我们知道的地方)
  • Thank you(感谢)
  • Together(一起来)
  • Another side of the world(世界另一面)
  • Space Cake(太空蛋糕)
  • The Little Prince(小王子)
  • Garden on the Moon(月亮上的花园)
  • Beautiful Scenes(美丽片段)

《Youth is blue(越长大越孤单)》,2008

  • Across the Coral Sea(穿越珊瑚海)
  • Youth is blue(越长大越孤单)
  • If Tomorrow(如果明天)
  • I am not Rock N'Roll(我不是Rock N'Roll)
  • Curry Coffee(咖喱咖啡)
  • Butterflies(蝶恋花)
  • Melody of Love(爱的旋律)
  • Clown(小丑)
  • Perfect Life(完美生活)
  • Night(夜)
  • Bonus : Happy Star Cat(快乐星猫)

《Got used to the loneliness(习惯了寂寞)》,2009

  • Got used to the loneliness(习惯了寂寞)
  • Innocence of childhood friends(两小无猜)
  • I don't wanna say goodbye(The Coldest season)(我不想说再见(最寒冷的季节))
  • Whisper of Kiki(kiki的悄悄话)
  • Good night, good night(Studio version)(晚安,晚安(录音室版))
  • Got used to the loneliness(Karaoke)
  • Innocence of childhood friends(Karaoke)
  • The Coldest season(Karaoke)

《Give You Some Color(给你点儿颜色)》,September 2010

  • No Time(沒時間)
  • Good Morning(早上好)
  • Lucky Star(幸運星)

《Lost & Found~To find it(Lost & Found 去寻找)》,September 2011

  • To find it(去寻找)
  • Tomorrow, Hello(明天你好)
  • Why you leave(离开的理由)
  • Relive(心生)

《You can not love me(你不能爱我)》,September 2012

  • You can not love me(你不能爱我)
  • Traveller(旅客)
  • The city's sky(城市的天空)
  • Girlfriend(女朋友)
  • Magic Bee Boo(魔力比啵)


Next World (For cartoon《星游记》(Rainbow Sea))June.12th 2012[4] Believe Youth(信仰年轻) May 24, 2013[5]


Their music is just like milk coffee, fresh and mellow. Unlike others, Ge Fei (Keyboard / guitar / arranger and producer) has perfect skills in playing the piano and the guitar, makes their music classical and romantic. Kiki, the lead singer & lyricist, has sweet voice. also, the lyrics she writes are very lovely.[6]


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