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Milk It: The Best of Death in Vegas
Death in Vegas - Milk It.jpg
Greatest hits album by Death in Vegas
Released February 7, 2005
Recorded The Contino Rooms, London, England
Genre Electronic rock
Label Sony/BMG
Producer Richard Fearless, Tim Holmes, Steve Hellier
Death in Vegas chronology
Satan's Circus
Milk It: The Best of Death in Vegas
The Best of Death in Vegas

Milk It: The Best of Death in Vegas is a compilation album by Death in Vegas, released on February 7, 2005 in the UK and on February 23, 2005 in Japan. Disc one is a collection of some of the band's best album tracks, while disc two is a bonus disc of remixes. The album was not released in the US.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Aisha"
  2. "So You Say You Lost Your Baby"
  3. "Dirt"
  4. "Rekkit"
  5. "Scorpio Rising"
  6. "Soul Auctioneer"
  7. "Hands Around My Throat"
  8. "All That Glitters"
  9. "Dirge"
  10. "Girls"
  11. "Rematerialised"
  12. "Broken Little Sister" (Japanese version-only bonus track)

Bonus disc[edit]

  1. "Aisha" (Trevor Jackson mix)
  2. "Hands Around My Throat" (ADULT. mix)
  3. "Hands Around My Throat" (UXB mix)
  4. "Scorpio Rising" (The Polyphonic Spree mix)
  5. "One More Time"
  6. "Dirge" (Slam remix)
  7. "Dirge" (Cossack mix)
  8. "Dirt" (Mullet mix)
  9. "Twist And Crawl" (Full mix)
  10. "Rocco" (Dave Clarke mix)
  11. "Rekkit" (Two Lone Swordsmen remix) (Effective Machine)
  12. "Neptune City" (Two Lone Swordsmen remix)