Milk and Honey (film)

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Milk and Honey
Directed byGlen Salzman
Rebecca Yates
Produced byPeter O'Brian
Written byGlen Salzman
Trevor Rhone
StarringJosette Simon
Lyman Ward
Richard Mills
Djanet Sears
Leonie Forbes
Music byMaribeth Solomon
Micky Erbe
CinematographyGuy Dufaux
Edited byBruce Nyznik
Release date
September 9, 1988
Running time
89 minutes

Milk and Honey is a Canadian drama film, released in 1988.[1] The film stars Josette Simon as Joanna Bell, a young woman from Jamaica who takes a job in Toronto as a nanny for a wealthy couple (Tom Butler and Fiona Reid), in the hope of permanently immigrating to Canada with her son David (Richard Mills).[2]

The cast also includes Lyman Ward, Djanet Sears, Leonie Forbes, Errol Slue, Charles Hyatt, Jackie Richardson, Robert Wisden and Diane D'Aquila. The film was written by Glen Salzman and Trevor Rhone, and directed by Salzman and Rebecca Yates.[1]

The film premiered at the 1988 Toronto International Film Festival.[3] Due to a creative conflict with producer Peter O'Brian, however, Salzman and Yates refused to attend the film's premiere,[4] and released an open letter to the media stating that the finished film did not reflect their personal artistic vision.[5]


The film garnered four Genie Award nominations at the 10th Genie Awards in 1989:[6]

Rhone and Salzman won the award for Best Original Screenplay.[7]


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