Mill City, Nevada

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Mill City is an unincorporated community in Pershing County, Nevada, United States. The ZIP Code of Mill City is 89418.

Mill City was established to process the ore from nearby mines at a location with water from the Humboldt River and railroad access. [1] Currently, it is the last exit from Interstate 80 within Pershing county and 4 miles north by this highway of Imlay, and functions as an intervening tourist stop.

The Interstate bisects the town. On the eastern side of the highway is a medium-sized motel, recently revamped, which is also home to some small shops, a full and a fast-food restaurant and a casino which, together with a nearby service station, constitute the business district of Mill City. West of the interstate highway is the small residential area. State Route 400 connects the two sections of the town, continuing south towards Unionville.

Coordinates: 40°41′01″N 118°04′14″W / 40.68361°N 118.07056°W / 40.68361; -118.07056