Saint Joseph's Missionary Society of Mill Hill

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Mill Hill Missionaries
MottoAmare et Servire
FormationAugust 15, 1866 (152 years ago) (1866-08-15)
TypeCatholic religious society
HeadquartersMaidenhead, England
Key people
Herbert Cardinal Vaughan, founder

Saint Joseph's Society for Foreign Missions, also called the Mill Hill Missionaries or Mill Hill Fathers, is a society of apostolic life of Catholic missionaries.


St. Joseph's College (closed in 2006)

It was founded in 1866 by future cardinal Herbert Alfred Vaughan.[1] In 1892, it branched to create the Society of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart (Josephites).[2]

The society was formerly based at St Joseph's College at Mill Hill in north London,[3] but the St Joseph's College site was closed in 2006.[4] Its present headquarters are at 6 Colby Gardens in Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 7GZ.

On its 150th anniversary, an account of its history on the Diocese of Westminster website said in part: "At the 1988 Chapter, with representatives from all over the Mill Hill world present, a decision was taken to recruit Mill Hill Missionaries from Africa and Asia, our former mission areas, now flourishing with well-established churches planted and grown by Mill Hill Missionaries." There are now Mill Hill Society formation centres in Cameroon, East Africa, Philippines and India.[5]

As of 2014, the congregation has forty priests working within Ireland, and twenty working internationally, with an average age of 73.[6]

Abuse accusations[edit]

Between 1975 and 2014 the congregation received 13 abuse of children involving eight priests.[6]

A 2011 RTE television program investigating child abuse examined two of these case in detail. In one instance, RTE falsely claimed that Fr. Kevin Reynolds had raped a girl and fathered her child while living in Africa as a Mill Hill missionary. The claim was later debunked and Reynolds was found innocent.[7] Following paternity tests, RTE retracted its claims and fully apologized to Reynolds.[8]

Superiors general[edit]

  • Herbert Cardinal Vaughan (1868 – 19 June 1903), founder[9]
  • Jac Hetsen, Netherlands (1 January 2000 – July 2005)[10]
  • Anthony Chantry, England (UK) (July 2005 – 15 June 2015)[11]
  • Michael Corcoran, Ireland (15 June 2015 – present)[12]

Prelates from their ranks[edit]



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