Mill River (Otter Creek tributary)

Coordinates: 43°30′23″N 72°58′33″W / 43.50629°N 72.97574°W / 43.50629; -72.97574
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Mill River
Mill River Clarendon Gorge.jpg
The Mill River in Clarendon Gorge during spring runoff
CountryUnited States
TownsMount Holly, East Wallingford, Shrewsbury, Clarendon
Physical characteristics
 • locationMount Holly, Vermont
 • coordinates43°24′15″N 72°48′04″W / 43.40430°N 72.80107°W / 43.40430; -72.80107
 • elevation650 m (2,130 ft)
MouthOtter Creek
 • location
Clarendon, Vermont
 • coordinates
43°30′23″N 72°58′33″W / 43.50629°N 72.97574°W / 43.50629; -72.97574
 • elevation
540 ft (160 m)
Length28.7 km (17.8 mi)

The Mill River is a 17.8-mile-long (28.6 km)[1] tributary of Otter Creek in Rutland County, Vermont, in the United States.

The Mill River rises in the southern part of the town of Mount Holly, west of the Okemo Mountain ski area in the Green Mountains. It flows northwest, paralleled by Vermont Route 155, to the village of East Wallingford, where it continues north and northwest paralleled by Vermont Route 103 and the Green Mountain Railroad. Just before entering the town of Clarendon it passes through Clarendon Gorge, where it is crossed by the Appalachian Trail. It turns west and then southwest at the village of East Clarendon, passes under U.S. Route 7, and reaches Otter Creek 1 mile (2 km) southwest of the village of Clarendon.

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