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Milladoiro in Narón, 2008.

Milladoiro is a music band from Galicia. Often compared to the Chieftains, it is among the world's top Celtic music groups.[1]


In 1978, Rodrigo Romaní and Antón Seoane released an album named "Milladoiro", on which they were joined by Xosé V. Ferreirós, then credited as a guest artist. The album received a critic's award the same year.[2]

Ferreirós, along with Nando Casal and Moncho García Rei, from his group Faíscas do Xiabre, invited Romaní and Seoane as guests in their next album.

The fusion of the two groups, with the addition of the flautist Xosé A. Méndez and the violinist Laura Quintillán, constituted the foundation of Milladoiro, which swept the Galician musical scene of the 20th century.[citation needed]

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the band, a compilation album, XXV, was released in 2005.

In 2006, Chris Thile covered their song "O Santo De Polvora" on his album How to Grow a Woman from the Ground.


Founding members


  • Michel Canadá: violin (1980-1993)
  • Antón Seijó: violin (1993-1999)
  • Harry C.: violin (1999- )
  • Roi Casal: Celtic harp, bouzouki, ocarina, percussions (2000- )
  • Manú Conde: guitars, bouzouki (2000- )



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