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Parent company Netflix
Status Active
Founded 2004; 14 years ago (2004)[1][2]
Founder Mark Millar
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location West Hollywood, California
Key people Mark Millar
(President, CCO)[3][4]
Fiction genres Superhero fiction
Official website

Millarworld Limited is a company that was founded in 2004 by Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar as a creator-owned line.[5] The imprint is best known for publishing the books Wanted, Chosen, The Unfunnies, Kick-Ass and War Heroes.

Wanted, published by Top Cow Productions, was loosely adapted into a feature film of the same name by Universal Pictures, released on 27 June 2008.[2] Chosen, published by Dark Horse Comics, was described by Millar as a sequel to the Bible, and has been optioned by Sony Pictures. The Unfunnies was a funny animal horror story published by Avatar Press. Kick-Ass, which was illustrated by John Romita, Jr. and published by Marvel, was adapted into a film of the same name by Matthew Vaughn, and released in the United Kingdom on 26 March 2010 and the United States on 16 April.

In September 2008 it was announced that the yet unfinished War Heroes had been optioned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, with Michael De Luca as producer and Millar taking an executive producer role.[6]

Millar has stated that whenever he sells the film adaptation rights to one of his creator-owned comics properties, he gives half of the money to the artist who illustrated the comics, despite his agent's reaction to this, saying, "Everything, all the money from the advance, the toys, the games, 50–50, so it's fair. I see it as a collaboration. If I drew, I could keep everything for myself, but I actually like the idea of having a talent that I'm not selling. One of my friends said, 'You could make even more money by drawing, too,' and I said, 'Yeah, and I suppose I could make even more money by lap dancing. It's nice to have something that's just for me."[7]

In October 2014, following months of delays for Jupiter's Legacy #5, Millar stated that beginning in April 2015, all Millarworld series would be completely drawn before the publication of their debut issues, in order to maintain a monthly schedule.[8]

On 7 August 2017, Millarworld was acquired by the American streaming media company Netflix.[9]


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