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Millatu Ibrahim is an organization outlawed in Germany. The group's leader is Mohamed Mahmoud (also known as Abu Usama Al-Gharib)[1] who emigrated to Egypt in April, 2012.[2] Another senior member is former rapper Deso Dogg. The group has sided with jihadists in the Syrian civil war.[3] The name of the organization is of Quranic origin.


Millatu Ibrahim was founded in the fall of 2011, in a "backyard mosque" in Solingen; the group has around 50 members.[4]

Banning in Germany[edit]

On May 29, 2012, Germany's Interior Minister declared a ban on the Millatu Ibrahim organization "because of efforts against the constitutional order" and cited incidents where the group turned to violence. The group has called for further violence.[2][5]

Australian branch[edit]

A branch of the Millatu Ibrahim organization has been established in Australia, Islamic preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne is a notable member; but when questioned by the media, Thorne stated that the two groups share the same name but are not otherwise connected.[6][7]


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