Mille Plateaux

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Mille Plateaux
Founded 1993
Founder Achim Szepanski
Genre Minimal Techno, Glitch, Electronic Music
Country of origin Germany
Location Frankfurt (1993-present)
Official website

Mille Plateaux is an influential electronica record label founded 1993 by Achim Szepanski in Frankfurt, Germany. It is known for mostly releasing minimal techno, glitch music and other experimental electronic music.


In 2000, to take advantage of the popularity of glitch music in the electronic music scene, Mille Plateaux released their Clicks & Cuts Series, which showed both Mille Plateaux and non-Mille Plateaux glitch music luminaries exploring the genre.

In early 2004, Mille Plateaux parent company Force Inc. Music Works went bankrupt due to the collapse of Germany's main independent music distributor, EFA-Medien. Mille Plateaux and other Force Inc. Music Works owned labels were folded at that time. The label was revived briefly in late 2004 under the name MillePlateauxMedia, with 4 releases. In 2005, two releases were made by RAI STREUBEL MUSIC S.L. on the label Supralinear with the note "by Mille Plateaux".

In 2006, Mille Plateaux (along with the other former Force Inc. Music Works labels Force Inc. and Force Tracks) was taken over by the Berlin-based company Disco Inc. Ltd., who only released two CD albums.

In March 2008, Mille Plateaux was acquired by TOTAL RECALL, an online store and distributor for used and new music. With new owner Marcus Gabler, known as singer of the band OKAY as the A&R manager, they aim to close the gap existing since 2003 and continue the original work.

Mille Plateaux relaunched its activities on May 7, 2010, with three new albums.

The name Mille Plateaux was taken from Mille Plateaux, a philosophy book by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, published in 1980.


  • Ritornell

Started 1999. Even more abstract and experimental than the parent.

  • Cluster

Started 2010. Releases experimental ambient music.

  • Force Intel (Sister label)

Started 2010. Releases less experimental electronic music, typically IDM.

Notable artists[edit]

Some artists released on the label prior to 2004:

Some artists released on the label (or its substitutes) between 2004 and 2010:

Some artists released on the label after the relaunch of 2010:

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