Millennium Hilton New York Downtown

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Millennium Hilton New York Downtown
Millenium Hilton July 2009.jpg
Millennium Hilton New York Downtown as viewed from street level.
General information
Status Complete
Type Hotel
Location 55 Church Street, New York City
Coordinates 40°42′40″N 74°0′37″W / 40.71111°N 74.01028°W / 40.71111; -74.01028Coordinates: 40°42′40″N 74°0′37″W / 40.71111°N 74.01028°W / 40.71111; -74.01028
Construction started 1990
Completed 1992
Opened September 1992
Cost $200million (resold for $75m in 1995)[1]
Owner Millennium & Copthorne Hotels
Roof 179.23 m (588 ft)[2]
Technical details
Floor count 56
Lifts/elevators 9
Design and construction
Architect Eli Attia
Developer Peter Kalikow

The Millennium Hilton New York Downtown is a Hilton hotel in Lower Manhattan, New York City, located at the southeast corner of Fulton Street and Church Street. The hotel is adjacent to One World Trade Center. The building is 55 stories tall,[4] with a total of 471 guest rooms and 98 suites.[5]

The hotel was known for many years as the Millenium Hilton. The hotel's builder chose to intentionally misspell the name with one "n" as "Millenium" on the outdoor signage and official literature, even though the correct spelling of the English word is "millennium", in order to make the name more distinctive.[6]


Entrance to the Millenium Hilton, showing the intentionally misspelled signage that was used for many years

The hotel was developed by Peter Kalikow at a cost of $200 million and opened in September 1992.[7] Soon after opening the hotel, Kalikow went into bankruptcy and was forced to sell the hotel. It was bought in June 1994 by CDL Hotel from Kalikow Fulton Church Realty for $75 million.[8] At that time, Hilton began managing the property.[9]

The hotel is one of four hotels owned by Millennium & Copthorne Hotels,[10] that are not marketed as part of their Millennium Hotels chain, instead they are managed by Hilton Hotels Corporation. The others are the Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza, Millennium Seoul Hilton and Millennium Hilton Bangkok.[11]

September 11, 2001 attacks[edit]

Image of the World Trade Center site, facing the Millenium Hotel (the farthest left of the orange mesh covered buildings), 17 days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

The building suffered extensive damage from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.[12] It was completely refurbished and reopened on May 5, 2003. Doug Eisler witnessed the second plane hit the towers from his 50th floor room. He described it by saying, "It had the nose down; it was hauling ass." (as seen from the History Channel 9/11 special).[citation needed]

The American flag which hung outside the building on 9/11 was recovered by hotel workers and is now on display in the lobby.


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