Millennium Business Center

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Millennium Business Center
General information
Status Complete
Location Bucharest, Romania
Coordinates 44°26′14″N 26°06′36″E / 44.43733°N 26.11013°E / 44.43733; 26.11013
Construction started 2001
Opening 2006
Renovated 2009
Cost $35.000.000
Roof 72 m (236 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 19
Floor area 26,600 m2 (286,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Developer Millennium Estate

Millennium Business Center is a class A office building in Bucharest, Romania. It has 19 floors and a surface of 26,600 m2.

Fire on June 27, 2009[edit]

Late June 26 (around 23:00) this building went on fire after a big billboard exploded (probably) because it was struck by lightning. Two hours later, at 01:10 AM on June 27, around 150 firefighters from Sector 2 (Bucharest) were still trying to stop the fire, although the main source of the fire was stopped.